April 2006

Well I can’t believe it! One day out into the blogoshpere and I already have three comments on my first post and a reasonable amount of hits for not really advertising myself. I don’t even think that half of my blog buddies even know I am an official blogger.

As you may have seen in my first post, I don’t profess to be the most computer literate but damn, after yesterday, I am picking up quite a bit of new information. Hell, I probably should have done this (blogged) a long time ago. I had an issue yesterday trying to figure out why I couldn’t pull up my own URL when I typed it into a search engine. Thanks to my friends, Pete and Al, I found the problem. When I set up the blog account I dropped a letter from the URL address by accident. Out went the ‘r‘ in ‘strokes!!!’ So now I am listed under http://lifescolorfulbrushstokes.blogspot.com/. The perfectionist in me wants my URL to read as it was intended, http://lifescolorfulbrushtrokes.blogspot.com/. Oh well ~ get over it!

Some might say, “why not just reopen another Blogger account with the correct URL.” Hmmm! After the time I spent yesterday setting up my blog, part of me just wants to move forward. My friend, Al, did recommend another free service blog site which I am exploring. Though comfort and familiarity always seem to win out in my case! And I am comfortable now with Blogger. Perhaps familiar and basic is better for me?!?! Anyway, it may make for a cleaner site. The only significant thing I would like to do to the blog is add an interesting BANNER to overlay my blog title on. I am sure that if it can be done, it is tied in with the Template tab on my Blogger’s dashboard. If anyone knows the steps to take, feel free to email me.

So for now I think the ‘Do I Not’ has won!

Well…it’s official. My first blog post. I thought I’d never make the move. We’re talking about a person here who is computer-challenged and always under a time crunch. But I have become such an avid blog reader. I have even become known in some circles as a ‘blog groupie.’

And yesterday, thanks to the stupidity, the childishness, and the lack of consideration of one adult ‘anonymous’ blogger, I was locked out of one of my favorite blogs, BrettCajun, for an indefinite period of time. No more comments. No more interaction with a dear friend. The only way I could remain an active commentator in his blog was by being a regular blogger…not simply a reader. If you are interested in what happened, you can read Brett’s post.

That was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ I opened a blog. All I can say is, “Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into now.” I am not sure yet which direction my blog will go but I do have several concepts running through this permanent little circuit attached to my body, called my brain. I chose the blog’s title Life’s Colorful Brushstrokes because, in part, it speaks about the direction my life is currently going. Lets say I am finally developing my ‘creative’ side – something I should have done 20 years ago (do you think some of us are slow learners?/LOL). I am currently working on a second Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Interior Design.

So with that in mind, you will probably get tidbits about me and my school life (gosh, I sure as hell hope I don’t bore you all to death!), perhaps some design advice and tips, a splash of poetry now and then, and a perspective or point of view on life from a ‘creative’ mind. We will just see how it all gels together. Stay tuned!

Thanks Pete, Steve, and Brett for the blog encouragement and for helping me see that I do have something to say, even if it may be insignificant to some individuals. You are the best!