July 2006

Only 24 hours into my vacation and I am on the Internet blogging. But I missed a whole week of not communicating with all you guys. So I am bumming some Internet airwaves from the next door neighbor’s wireless setup. Shame on me.

Seriously, I am simply at the halfway point of the road trip up north. I’ll be leaving from my mom’s house in the SF Bay Area later today with all the goodies loaded in my car, and her, for the FINAL DESTINATION – Lake Tahoe. It was so good pulling into the East Bay yesterday…that home feeling came back. I just don’t know if I will ever get northern California out of my system. It is so vastly different from southern California – at least I think so. I managed to see my brother’s recently purchased home that he has been remodeling under my direction, long distance most of the time. He’s done a pretty good job of implementing the plans I laid out for him and even the furniture I selected for him looks great. He’s excited and that is what matters most to me.

After the bro’s house I headed back up to mom’s and there I crashed for three hours. I am still feeling the sleep DEPRIVATION (does the word look familiar?) from finals. But boy did I need it and did it feel good. And then the biggest event of the day for me…an actual home-cooked meal. I haven’t had a decent meal in over ten days, thanks to all the work leading into finals week and then studying, building, etc. There was no time to cook so I often simply nibbled on something in the refrigerator, had McDonald’s, or ate Taco Bell. Needless to say I dropped several pounds. I am down to 183 and I know I have lost muscle mass. Really discouraging after spending four months building up 20 lbs in mass. I am down 10 lbs. now.

Now your probably thinking, “what did he have for dinner?” Pan-seared, thick-cut pork chops, fettuccini in a tomato herb marinara sauce, sliced avocado and Romano tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and wine vinegar, and garlic bread. That was finished off with a chocolate eclaire. Man, oh man was I content!

Guess it’s time to shut down the computer as I’ll be off shortly. But don’t hang me if I slip back on to see a few comments. Hugs all!!

They’re over…and I am so over them. Yes, finals are done and well, vacation is here. Six weeks worth but thanks to the revamping of our Senior Project class, I have homework over my break. Sore subject with me so I am not going there for now. I am so ready for a mental break, some fun, and some relaxation.

As you are reading this post I will be heading on up to my mother’s in the Bay Area, to finish up helping her pack some of the equipment we take with us. Then Sunday morning, I’ll drive her and the ‘load’ up to the cabin that our family has rented near the lake. This is our annual family summer vacation. We have been doing it with our relatives since I was born 46 years ago (and it goes further back than me). The family has rented out a large cabin, or maybe that is house. I’ll refer to it as the ‘compound.’ The compound has 6 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, living room and dining room, laundry, etc. Not like camping in the old days but I guess we all get a bit spoiled over time.

Lots of sunning at the beach, fresh mountain air, boating, and waterskiing. I have the biggest smirk right now. I am so ready! My ‘duke out’ with Oscar is going to have to wait until I get home from Tahoe. Hopefully I’ll be refreshed by then to throw that one-two punch and blast Oscar away for another 2 months until the next set of finals next quarter. Fortunately I only have one class and an internship to do next quarter. The class though will be a doozer…trust me. I am already planning on probably doing the minimum time for internship this quarter (20 hours/week) and simply rolling the remaining time of completion beyond my December finish of school. Part II of my Senior project will be developing construction documents, all of which must be done in CAD (computer aided design) output. Need I say, I suck at CAD. Looks like I’ll be focusing on getting that intern spot during the first few weeks of school rather than during break, which has me nervous.

For any of you that might be curious, I have no concept how I did on my last two classes but I’ll know in about two to three weeks. Anyway, did I say I was so ready for vacation?!?! Guess I did. Well, I am.

****While I plan on taking my computer to Tahoe with me, I am not sure if I’ll have Internet access which means I may not be blogging for a whole week or so. I am already having withdrawals from not doing it during finals week…hehehe! Do you think I can go another week? If I do have Internet access, I’ll post a few times and maybe send some pictures your way. Ya’ll be good, ya here!

Pronunciation: “de-pr&-‘vA-sh&n also “dE-“prI-
Function: noun
1 : the state of being deprived : PRIVATION;
especially : removal from an office, dignity, or benefice
2 : an act or instance of depriving : LOSS

I had some time last night in my schedule to post. Low and behold it’s Wednesday WORD PLAY. As always, it’s short and sweet! Today’s word is DEPRIVATION. Oh, this word applies so well to my current situation. I couldn’t pass it up.

Usage: I have been so delirious the past few days, thanks to the sleep deprivation that my studies are currently imposing on me.

To be honest I don’t know what I am suffering from these days. Is it really sleep deprivation or is it a bit more (shhhh! – maybe sexual deprivation?). Can anybody out there help me?

So again, the “play” portion…any comment you leave must use the word deprivation in it. Your response can be about anything ~ the post, me (watch it!), something about you, something happening in your life. Knock yourself out thinking of something serious, humorous, or off-beat to comment about. Just have fun with it!

****Finals Update: Waiting for tomorrow, Thursday, to come. My last two classes are then and both are presentations. My portfolio prints will be picked up this morning. Keep your fingers crossed that they look half way decent. I have my model to construct today while pondering what I will say Thursday about my Seattle project. And then I am so over school…for at least one week.
Tuesday is here. THANK GOODNESS! Just another two days beyond today and I am done with the Spring-Summer session of design school. Time to roll into another HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?

So let’s roll! Today’s question is:
How do you like your mattress ~ cushy soft, just ever so firm, or rock hard?

My reply to this is I want my mattress just ever so firm. I like a little give but want the extra support. One can’t afford to get lost in the mattress when one is having heated sex. ūüėČ On a more serious side, my bed is beckoning me fast and hard! It’s 2:40 am. I finished working on my Senior Project. I am done with the drafting portion …just need to build the model. Well, I need to hop into bed on that ‘JUST EVER SO FIRM’ mattress and kiss Mr. Sandman!

So as always, fess up. Lay out those details for us to read.

Oh! By the way I aced my Ecology test last night. I am almost sure of it. I figure the worst it could be is a 98%.

Well, I am alive still ~ studying for finals and finishing up two class presentations…models, portfolio presentations, and schematic drawings. But damn if I ain’t feeling the squeeze, like Al Capone has a tight chokehold on me. Feeling pretty wiped out right now as most of the last several days have been not stop from morning until midnight…actually later. More like 1:30-2am. In fact, I was speaking to Spider on the phone Friday night and he said I was slurring more words and ‘rambling’ aimlessly. He said I sounded as if I had been on drugs. What can I say? I am not in my 20 somethings any longer. My body is simply not made for these late nights any longer. In fact I told Spider that I didn’t know how he had managed to get through this past week at work, given his 16-17 hour days, 7 days straight (longer if you factor in the previous week).

Am just hoping my body doesn’t breakdown at the end of finals week as it has in the past. I have a had a couple of schools breaks where I started the first portion of my vacation sick. At this point I don’t want to be sick for my Lake Tahoe vacation. Guess its time to sign off. Back too drafting of sorts and meeting with the graphic artist again later today to attempt to finish out my portfolio. Chow!

Well, its here! It’s Friday and I am heading into ‘Crunch Time’ weekend ~ the weekend leading into finals. So much to do. The ol’ head is spinning faster than a top. I have a ‘TO DO LIST’ a mile long. And there isn’t enough hours in the day to get it done, but I guess I’ll manage to get it done. The results just may not be up to TONY standards…those are high standards typically.

But when all is said and done, I am out next Thursday for summer vacation. I am just looking forward to a week of relaxation with family up in Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada. Waterskiing, yippee! Summer nights with cool, crisp mountain air. Perhaps some blogging if I can manage any type of Internet connection, but its no guarantee.

I won’t be posting again until probably Tuesday, with my usual HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Hope you guys won’t forget about this West Coast dude! Keep you fingers crossed that I manage to at least pass the three finals. Be good, keep me posted, and to a few of you close bloggers buds, don’t be bashful about shooting off an email or two. Later!

OK! I embarrassed myself back in May, May 4th specifically, posting an article called PART I: AN ‘OSCAR OR A FELIX’ MOMENT? Remember this:

As you recall, Felix won out. Order prevailed. Well, Oscar is burying me again. I fear Oscar is going to be around for at least another two weeks. Can I survive? Maybe I can call Derek? Derek will you fly out West and clean my room? So here are the pics (below), and Oscar has not only moved back into the bedroom but into the living space area too. Felix so wants to give Oscar a ‘one, two’ punch! But Oscar is managing a chokehold right now. See what the final weeks of school can do to an innocent soul like me. HELP!!!

I’m embarrassed! This is the mess in the living room. It’s actually part of the mess from that May blog installment of Oscar/Felix. I never quite got to putting it in the storage bin outside.
The latest picture of that infamous corner in my room. Oscar is definitely back!
And the newest spot in my bedroom accumulating some of the mess. Lots of bagged design products.

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