November 2006

Well, I am having one of those BLAH days. I went to bed last night pressured to get a homework assignment done when I really should have been elsewhere. And as a result, I am not feeling too good about my decision. More on that to come. Anyway, given the mood I am in and the lack of inspiration on a post, I thought I would simply put out some weekly tidbits today.

The Latest Internship News:
I just reached the halfway point of my internship today. I have 120 hours plus at the moment. I am waiting on my employers review which I should have next Tuesday. I am not sure if I will be privy to it or if my boss will simply place it in a sealed envelop to pass along to my internship coordinator. In any event, I believe it should be a good review. I am off today at lunchtime to go see one of the firm’s complete projects. I saw it in its mid stage about two weeks ago and it was already looking hot!! I can’t wait to see all the works in place today. It has a contemporary, edgy, industrial image happening!!

Just A BLAH Day Today:
At the beginning of this post I told you that I was feeling a bit BLAH and down today. Last night right after getting off work at 5:30pm I returned a call to my mother. Just the way she started the conversation I knew something was wrong. I had that ‘pit’ in my stomach. She progressed with the conversation, telling me that my little sister had lost the baby. Sister ‘T’ went in to have her first prenatal visit. When they pulled up the image of the baby on the ultrasound, my sister knew something was wrong based on the size (she has two children already so she is familiar with what to expect). They could see no movement. A blood test is being run to determine if the assessment is accurate. In any event, my brother-in-law was there this morning for the office visit but had to bolt immediately after for a two-day business trip back East. My sister was pretty upset according to my mom.

I swung by the sis’s house on the way home from work but apparently she had taken the kids out for a quick dinner somewhere. I had to head off to get started on my schoolwork. I should have just bagged the homework assignment, taken the loss on the points, and headed back over to my sister’s place. It has to be an empty feeling and only magnified because the person you love happens to not be there to lift you through the grieving. And then there still is the task of telling my niece and nephew that “mommy isn’t having that baby after all.” Two years is took for them just to get pregnant again. At least I left a note for my sister telling her that I hoped she was feeling alright and that I loved her. Enough…time for me to move on here.

All Points Bulletin Out For This Man!!:

Have any of you seen or heard from this man. It seems that Mr. ‘Y’ has lost his way. I spoke to him on the phone last Wednesday as I was driving home to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. He was doing fine but somehow I think Ynager may be in a bit of a funk. I think a few of us need to pop into his blog and offer some encouragement.


Who All Has The Holiday ‘Blues’:
So we are marching full on into the 2006 holiday season. Part of me is excited but a part of me is not. I’ve talked to a few friends as of late and so many seem down and or just not into the season. It’s understandable. Some people find themselves financially strapped at this time of year, some battle depression, some don’t have the closeness of family – either physically or emotionally, some suffer bad memories of holidays past. Whatever it might be that puts individuals in this state, I hope that each one of us takes a moment this holiday season to do two things. First, be aware of those around you and how they might be feeling. Take a moment to offer them some encouragement, a holiday cheer, a hug. Secondly, if it’s you that is down, try to think of the little things that you have been successful at during the day. They all add up. And if you are feeling a sense of “loss of control,” by all means, call a friend and talk.

Happy Holidays to you all!!


Main Entry: 1but
Pronunciation: ‘b&t
Function: conjunction
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English butan, preposition & conjunction, outside, without, except, except that; akin to Old High German buzan without, except; akin to Old English be by, ut out — more at BY, OUT
1 a : except for the fact [would have protested but that he was afraid] b : THAT — used after a negative [there is no doubt but he won] c : without the concomitant that [it never rains but it pours] d : if not : UNLESS e : THAN [no sooner started but it stopped] — not often in formal use
2 a : on the contrary : on the other hand : NOTWITHSTANDING — used to connect coordinate elements [he was called but he did not answer] [not peace but a sword] b : YET [poor but proud] c : with the exception of — used before a word often taken to be the subject of a clause [none but the brave deserves the fair — John Dryden]
– but that : THAT — used after a negative [there is no doubt but that it must be done]
– but what : that…not — used to indicate possibility or uncertainty [I don’t know but what I will go]

Ah yes! Another hump day, thank goodness! I already feel whipped (watch those minds of yours) and we’ re just stepping into Wednesday. Just get me to this very time next week and I’ll have a smile on my face. My Art History class will have concluded and school winter break will be upon me. Yippee! But wait that won’t last too long as I have that darn Studio Project to get busy on…the class that I dropped this past quarter. Oh well, I am not going to think about that just yet.

Let’s get moving with Wednesday WORD PLAY! Today’s choice is a play off last week’s simplicity of ‘verbiage’…just three letters. As with last week’s word choice, today’s word can leave us or someone else feeling a bit in doubt or it can provide another option or ‘out.’ So with that said, the word for the day is but.

Usage: I had so many options for choice of words today but none were as appealing as ‘but.’ I just kept thinking of all the directions this word could be taken. And yes, I know some of you may be so bold as to take ‘but’ and put a whole other spin on it. No boys, we are not talking about ‘but’ts today but I must confess, the thought had crossed my mind!

Again, the “play” portion…any comment you leave must use the word but in it. Your response can be about anything ~ the post, me (watch it!), something about you, something happening in your life. Knock yourself out thinking of something serious, humorous, or off-beat to comment about. As always, just have fun with it!
¿Lo puede creer usted? Es ya el martes. ¿Y eso significa tiempo para “COMO LE HACE LO QUIERE”? El martes. (Rough translation…Can you believe it? It is already Tuesday. And that means it is time for “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?” Tuesday.)

We all know now that Christmas is slowly working its way into the picture as the Thanksgiving holiday has passed. Most people begin to do their initial Christmas preparation – sprucing up their living space to incorporate some seasonal decorations. With this thought in mind, I pose the following question:

How do you like your Christmas tree – artificial or real?

Quite frankly, I have grown accustomed to artificial trees. Mind you, in my mind there is no substitute for the real ‘Magoo.’ It’s just that my mom was highly allergic to them. She endured the allergy miseries for the first six years of my life but my parents finally had to move to an artificial tree. It solved the problem. As the years have gone by, I have found that the trees now are so life-like and more cost efficient that for me, it works. I tend to by some fresh greens, such as a wreath or garland to bring some of the fresh scent into the house. If you dress up the tree with all the right trimmings and touches, you’d be surprised at how often you can fool most people. Outside that, it’s easy set up and easy take-down!

What works for you?

I am back home in southern California after spending my Thanksgiving holiday up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving break. I love northern California. As far as I am concerned, nothing tops it! I had a great time seeing family and spending some quality time with my two new nephews, Sean and Angelo. Was it obvious from previous posts? I even managed a short visit Friday afternoon with my friend and blogger bud, Tom, from The Untraveled Travel Guy in San Francisco. Just a simple lunch at the Sausage Factory in the Castro and a stroll around the neighborhood. Of course I had to sneak in a hot chocolate at “Bear”buck’s (aka Starbuck’s)! Stop by his blog sometime to say hi. He’s writing a little less frequently but if you say hi, one never knows what you might stir up.

So let’s move into WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Monday. The question:

What would you do if your house was burning uncontrollably and you only had time to save one item – what would that item be and why? (You can assume that all humans and pets have safely exited the house.)

Well, you all know by now that I have six other brothers and sisters. My first response would have been to grab the most important family photo I had – something with some history or story behind it. But given the number in our family I know that many of my siblings share in a number of duplicated photos. So there would be a high likelihood of easily replacing a family photo.

What I grab then? At this stage of my life and with what I currently possess, I’d say my laptop computer. It contains a wealth of information that I rely on, such as my design portfolio, address and phone information for many people I can not store in my phone, and much more. And quite frankly, it’s also a source of communication for me.

So what is running through your mind as your thinking about this question? Do share.

Why do I feel like such a glutton after Thanksgiving? Seriously, the last couple of years I have cut back on what I eat on T-Day. I even beg the family members not to bring certain items to the family feast. But nooooooooooo! No one ever listens. And we all pay for it. So now I am stuffed or rather “I GOT STUFFED.” Please someone take a barbecue fork and pop me. I need to relieve some of this pressure rolling around in my stomach. I so could use a workout today but being out of town, visiting family, I have no access to gym equipment – though I might just go out for a long fast walk or a jog.

I have to admit, I had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, my first at home in four years. We went up to my sister’s in Sacramento to celebrate it. She is still recoop’ing from her shoulder injury sustained after my nephew’s birth. So she thought it would be easier to have it at her place, with each of us bringing something, and my brother-in-law to do the turkey roasting. Everything was tasty as usual! And as for new nephew #2, Sean, he is as cute as Angelo. My sister sent me a picture of the two of them together and it’s scary…they literally look like twins. I could not tell them apart in the picture until studying it good for about 5 minutes. I’ll have to post it when I get it. Its not the best quality picture but you’ll get the gist when you see it.

As for the balance of my Friday, it looks like I’ll attempt to work on my Art History final paper and its annotated bibliography. But I will be getting together with my friend, Tom, from The Untraveled Travel Guy in San Francisco. I am looking forward to the visit. He’s a great guy and a perfect catch for someone. I had hoped to meet up with Rob but he and his handsome hunk, Fuad, are gone for the holiday weekend. He deserves the time away.

So, after stuffing yourself to the max, assuming that was the case, what are you doing this holiday weekend?

Thanksgiving conjures up a number of things for me, past and present. I am thankful to have been graced with…

…my faith,
…family get-togethers and dinners,
…an abundance of food,
…financial stability (though currently am wondering about that),
…success in interior design school (though admittedly there have been times I still don’t envision my self as good enough),
…and the hush and tranquility around the neighborhoods on this day.

These are only a few of the items that cross my mind. But on this day I also take time to remember. Remember…

…the homeless and the hungry throughout our cities and throughout the world,
…family members and friends who have passed on,
…those men and woman who gave their lives for us at time of war to live amidst freedom,
…and those individuals who do not benefit the freedoms we do socially, religiously, and economically.

I hope each of you finds a moment to be thankful and to remember. To all of my family, to all of my closest friends, and to those of you that read and /or communicate with me from Blogland, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings and so much more as we step into the 2006 holiday season. Wish I could reach through the computer and give each of you a holiday hug. Enjoy yourselves and please think ‘safety’ too.

Addendum: I am so happy to be home for Thanksgiving after 4 years. I just saw the first of my two new nephews, Angelo, and guys, he’s killer handsome. Let’s just say that I don’t think any guy I’ve kissed has received as many as my nephew did in one sitting. And tomorrow I see little Sean. Wahoo!

Some Turkey Day Humor


Main Entry: 1if
Pronunciation: ‘if, &f
Function: conjunction
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gif; akin to Old High German ibu if
1 a : in the event that b : allowing that c : on the assumption that d : on condition that
3 — used as a function word to introduce an exclamation expressing a wish
4 : even though : although perhaps
5 : and perhaps not even — often used with not
– if anything : on the contrary even : perhaps even

Wednesday WORD PLAY is up again! Today’s choice is rather a simple word…just two letters. But such a small word with so many meanings and contextual uses. Who would imagine that such a basic word could create so much doubt in an individual’s mind. So with that said, today’s word is If.

Usage: ‘If’ is such a simple word. If I knew that I was talented in interior design years ago, I would not have wasted any time in learning the necessary skills to have been successful early. Live and learn. If I had sufficient income, I’d invest some of it in my own ‘branding’ line of design to incorporate furniture, accessories, fabrics, linens, and much more. If I knew this word ‘If ‘ was going to depress me like it’s doing with all of the doubt created in my mind, I would have never chosen it for today’s WORD PLAY. LOL.
Again, the “play” portion…any comment you leave must use the word ‘If in it. Your response can be about anything ~ the post, me (watch it!), something about you, something happening in your life. Knock yourself out thinking of something serious, humorous, or off-beat to comment about. Just have fun with it!

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