Nicknames are a funny thing. I did a post sometime around early summer of last year (2006) which I’ll leave for you to search out if you have an interest. In any event, some names are bestowed upon us due to characteristic traits; in remembrance of something we were involved in that made us unique; because someone, generally a child, could not pronounce our name when we were younger; or some other viable reason. Sometimes those nicknames have been with us for a lifetime and in other cases, they are new found names. Some of us have multiple nicknames, some of us have merely one, and then some of us have none at all. I have five. Some of us love our given nicknames while others despise them, passing along an evil look when that fateful word (or words) are uttered. Heck, I suspect there are a few poor souls that have been ‘pounced’ on for muttering a nickname one-to-many times.

So why the sudden interest in writing about nicknames? I have had a few people, via email and or commentary on my blog postings, ask why I have my most current nickname, STROKER. Well, I actually think it was payback from a friend, a fellow blogger, for initializing my email correspondence to him with Smiley (What can I say when someone has a great smile, a great set of teeth, and happens to be a dentist.). Yes, it’s the obvious. Dear old Josh from Smiley’s Place christened me with that name publicly on one of my blog posts and from there it has stuck. Seems like a number of my close blogger buds, many now friends, have run with it. I’ve never asked Josh exactly why he chose to bless me with that nickname but I am sure part of it was a play of the name of my blog…a shortened version of Brushstrokes. And I am that Mr. Smiley had other ‘naughty’ things running through his mind when he memorialized it in my blog. (*insert devilish grin coming from me here*) Guys, guess you’ll have to remain in a state of wonderment as to any truthfulness to the later. HEHEHE!

Happy to say, I’m enjoying that little teaser of a nickname.

Hmmm! I have a great question for today’s “How Do You Like It?” Tuesday.

If you have a nickname, what is it, how do you like it, and how did you end up with the name?

I realize some of you may have nicknames as bloggers and maybe those are valid names…at least tell us how you landed them. For those of you absent any nicknames, perhaps you have a short funny story to share regarding this specific topic.

I’ll be waiting to hear those responses!