May 2007

Something Spo said last night in his blogpost triggered me to think about this topic. I sure miss the old days of blogging if you can say 14 months is old. And I miss some of the old-time bloggers too. Somehow, blogging was more spirited then, more frequent. What happened? Did people simply lose interest? Did they all of a sudden all get busy at the same time? Have new bloggers pushed the old timers out of the picture? Are we all slowly but surely running out of things to say? Or has blogging simply reached its apex? Some definite food for thought and all good questions. Do I have an answer or a theory? NO! Perhaps there is a combination of effects here.

I can say this with certainty, there are people I do miss that were a part of my blogging world 21 months ago when I first started ‘lurking’ the field, eventually working my way into full-on blogging. Gone are Steve from Bent Collective (sorry people to those of you who do not know the story behind that…it was all wrong and a very hurtful thing to do to a person); Hypoxic (gosh I miss that man – a gentle but silly soul); Mark aka The Gay Dude (rest his soul) and his brother Josh aka Smiley (I wish he’d contact me – somewhat hurt by his total disconnect from me). And then there are my cohorts who started their blogs up at about the same time I did…Ynager (he still posts on a very infrequent basis but no more comments…I miss his humor) and CityWOOF (who does blog but has been sporadic too, more so these days due to the major foot surgery that has incapacitated him for the past 8 weeks).

All of them were like family to me. Hmmm, maybe it’s better to say, ‘We WERE a family,” just in another environment, cyberspace. Anyhow…was just thinkin’, rememberin’, and contemplatin’! Ever have those thoughts?

P.S. Catch my commentary in the post below on Kel’s Pride Challenge 2007!


OK…my friend, Kelly Stern is at it again. If you haven’t seen his challenge for this year it’s out. Let’s see how many blogs we can get this awesome pic. If you post it, be sure to let Kelly Stern know so he can link to your blog. He’s also keeping tabs against last years tally…let’s bet it.  If yu are interested in the history behind the picture, read Kel’s Wednesday, May 30th (2007) blog post.


June is just about here and my hectic month of travel will soon begin. I know…I shouldn’t be complaining since it’s all pleasure travel. If you haven’t already figured out where I am going based on the post’s head caption, I will be going to Chicago. The plans are all set for Wednesday, June 13th, through Monday, June 18th.

I am heading out to meet yet another person who I will call Jay. Met him off I’ve emailed him several times and spoken to him on the phone a couple of times as well. I find him to be a very genuine person and I think we’ll be good friends. We have some similar interests and happen to both work in the design field. He is involved in industrial/graphic design. Creative minds are not all bad. I picked up a couple of tickets to WICKED for us to see the Sunday I am there. He hasn’t seen it, was relishing the idea, and I thoroughly enjoyed it with Pete last October…so ‘What the heck,’ I thought. I am seeing it again. While I am there I am going to try to see if I can squeeze in some time, possibly lunch dates, with Dr. Sparky of Welcome to My Truth and Doug of Gossamar Tapestry. But I do have to make sure I see Chicago…there is way too much architecture and interior design to see.

So my question to to my readership…have any of you been to Chicago? What should I see and do? If you’re a native Chicagoan, by all means give me your two cents worth!!

Hope you all had a nice three-day weekend and a great Memorial Day. Mine was pretty much a mellow weekend taking in family here in southern California and basking in the sun by the pool. Oh! And of course there was your usual eating holiday-style eating for the day…barbecue chicken, turkey, and sausages, cole slaw, fruit salad, corn-on-the cob, bread/rolls, pie…you know the usual. Thank goodness for my workouts afterwards with the exception of yesterday.

In any event, it’s Tuesday. For some, the start of a short work week, for some, their ‘Monday,’ for some, the last week of May. Guess it depends on how one looks at the day. In any event, it’s my HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Tuesday.

I think today’s question is rather apropos given we often ravish ourselves with a little extra gastronomic pampering over a holiday weekend. The question is:

How do you like your breakfast for the most part…a) ‘NO FUSS’, just give me a cup of coffee (tea or O.J. for the non-coffee drinkers), b) the simple, healthy ‘POWER’ meal…a glass of O.J. and a power bar/power shake, c) Continental-style…you know, a danish, fruit, cereal or oatmeal, and coffee, or d) damn, just give me the American-style breakfast…eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes or french toast, the works.

If you ask me, I probably tend to have a hybrid at the moment, between the continental- and American-style breakfasts. But I probably am geared more toward the Continental breakfast. My big meal has always been dinner though from a health standpoint most of us ought to consider making lunch are primary meal.

So how do you respond to this question?

Well, it’s that time of the week…F-R-I-D-A-Y!  And even better is that it is a Friday leading into a three-day holiday weekend.  Woohoo!

This past week has been a rather interesting one for me to say the least.  A bit hectic at times, yet slow at other times.  I spent one day playing “Mr. Mom” or what others were calling, “Mr. Uncle Tony.”  My youngest sister and her husband had to head out of town for an adoption meeting and training session of sorts.  So big brother came to the rescue.  Gosh I so don’t miss getting up at 6am to get ready for school or for that matter, work, at least at the moment.  I must say, thanks to my sister, I had little problem getting them up for school.  In fact she has them well trained.  Here’s how the a.m. went.  Heard my sister and brother-in-law leave at 5:36 pm for the airport.  I thought, ‘good I have 45 more minutes to slumber.’  At 6:17am I heard the kid’s bathroom toilet upstairs flush.  I was downstairs in the guestroom.  I new my sister had set the kids’ alarms for 6:15am.  In any event, I suspected the activity was my 7-year old nephew.  About two minutes later, I heard the toilet flush again.  OK, that must be my 5-year old niece.  At that point, I told myself get up because they kids will be down shortly for breakfast.  Plus I need to be sure they are in fact up.  So I roust myself out of bed, proceed to make the guestroom bed.  As I literally finished placing the last decorator pillow on the bed, mind you this wasn’t more than 10 minutes after I heard the last toilet flush, the niece and nephew were opening the door to my room and telling me they were dressed and ready for breakfast.  They were in fact ready.  My niece had even brushed her hair an placed the ‘dilly bob’ in her hair.

Out we went to the kitchen where I pulled the breakfast together with what my sister had placed out the night before.  I sat them down, put the breakfast in front of them, and proceed to go upstairs to make their beds.  As I was walking up the stairs, I heard my nieces say, “Uncle Tony, where are you going?”  I said, “To make your beds and straighten up.” “Uncle Tony?” “Yes N (the nephew).”  “We already made our beds.”  “OK!”  Well I had to check.  Oh my GOSH!!!  The rooms were immaculate and the beds made completely.


My word, “S-W-E-E-T!”  In any event, I had pick-up detail for the niece at noon and then had to go back at 3pm to pick up the nephew.  From there, I had to shoot straight over to the facility where my niece takes Jazz lessons.  What a riot watching 4, 5, and 6-year old girls trying to stay focused on dancing.  I about pee’d in my pants.  They were rehearsing to the Jackson Five’s ABC .  There were the enthused.  There were the daydreamers.  And those two rows of girls for the dance moves…what an absolute mess.  But isn’t that what creates the entertainment at these youngins’ recitals anyway?!  LOL.

In other news, the two bathrooms currently under remodel at my sister’s house are really moving along but not without glitches.  Lets just say the contractor has had to get the tiler out to tear out some of the expensive glass tile in order to recenter the plumbing since they did not center the tile design right.  Oh there have been a few other nominal things but just enough to drive my sister batty.  I think she understands now why people pay interior designers to do the work and why they really should get paid decently.

These are just a few tidbits from my week goneby.  As usual I am wondering what’s up for your weekend  I plan on chillin’, getting some sun if we see it this weekend, swimming possibly ( I wish butt-naked but unfortunately I can’t do that around the youngins.), and washing the car.  After that, it’s a free-for-all. I might get Pirates of the Carribean 3 slipped in there also.

By the way, if any of my readers read Derek over at Still Thinking, his computer has crashed and you may not see him posting for a spell.  He and the partner need to whip up the funds to get a new one.  Told him I was bummed.  He also got his MRI results from the doctor and nothing appears herniated.   However, Derek does have a number of torn and buldging discs at four to five levels of the mid to low back.  Guess it will involve nerve blocs and shots.  Yikes!!  And then there is my Spidie.  He’s had a rough week of treatment.  Lots of sleeping, you guys.  Those red blood cells are definitely low.  And on top of it he gets a double-dose of radiation today to finish out his radiation treatments.  He’ll now have 6 to 8 weeks of no treatment so his body can replenish both its white and red cell count. Then the colon cancer surgery will be scheduled (about middish July).  Please keep both Derek and Spider in your thoughts.

Guess that’s it.  Let me know what your holiday weekend plans are.  And be SAFE!

So yesterday I chose to write a more serious and meaningful article. But at the expense of my usual ‘HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?’ Tuesday post. Therefore, I am tossing it your way today.

I seem to be battling a bit of a sweet-tooth these days. And God only knows, the doctor just got done telling me I need to cut back on sugars/carbohydrates. My glucose testing was high from my physical. But what is life without a little ‘cheating’ once in a while – aye!?

With that thought in mind, I ask you:

How do your like your pudding – exceptionally creamy, with a certain firmness, or with the ‘skin’ covering the real treat (remember the ol’ Jello puddings that formed a heavy solid film on top once chilled)? And oh, should that be served up as vanilla, chocolate, or tapioca?

First and foremost, give me skin any day…something about the texture that I enjoy. But is I have my flavor choice, it’s a tie between vanilla and tapioca.

Your turn to share your thoughts! By the way, you’ll have to stop by the joint blog for a little fun there on my The Eighth ‘Little’ Wonder of the World post.

This post is about no one in particular other than me and what I have learned about friendship. It’s not meant to be a self-seeking ‘pity’ post. Rather a post of expression, a post to remind all of us what real friendship represents.

Some of us go through life having been blessed with many friends, having been part of the ‘in’ crowd as we were growing up, having been able to feel socially comfortable interacting adult to adult. And there are those of us who have had to isolate ourselves from friendships for fear of ridicule – physical, emotional, and spiritual ridicule.

I was someone who often ran. There was a part of me that so wanted to step into a group and just once be faced with unconditional acceptance, to have a friend without having to prove myself. But it never happened that easily for me. Confidence was at a premium or maybe I should say a ‘lacking’ premium. Chalk it up to the constant emotional badgering I took. Fortunately I grew comfortable with myself. While the lack of confidence usually finds its way back into my life on occasion, it’s far, few, and in-between. All thanks to the love of my family and those few kind souls (true friends) that have managed to come along at the most crucial breaking points in my life. Perhaps its hokie, but Someone above has always looked after me.

There was that kind soul in 4th grade that somehow fit in with the cool, athletic crowd yet found it in his heart to be my guardian angel during that tormentful year. The kind soul in my high school freshman year who was very much the intellectual but somehow found a bond with many of the cool guys, the jocks, etc. and managed to bring me into the mix. The kind soul in my high school senior year, Mr. Popular, who welcomed the thought of being my college room mate. We had a glorious four years and our families bonded as well. Of course that isn’t too hard when you get a room full of Italians together. The kind soul, a co-worker, who managed to keep my mental state in tact when I was so fed up with elements and people at my last job. She is someone I desparately need to contact and re-establish our friendship. She offered me so much support when I struggled with the decision to retain my former cushy job or chase my dream. There was the kind soul, a hunky beefcake, that opened his door to a man struggling to enter a whole new gay environment. No judgements were ever rendered as to where I felt I needed to be in my discovery process and to this date, he offers nothing but support and encouragement to be unique in my own way.

And then there is today. I have been blessed with a group of people that keep me believing in the person I am. Even ONE moreso than others. Mwah! These friends exist in person and some still remain as a source through the Internet. I hope I have the pleasure of changing that for a few of you down the line. To one individual who sent me an email last night which meant the world to me, thank you. You represent the few individuals out in the Internet world that I know see who I am. Hugs bud!

So having perhaps detoured a bit here, to the point of friendship. I’ve realized that friends accept you for who you are, flaws and all. Friends have the capability of ‘taking a breath’ when hit with negative and or hurtful elements, assessing the elements and what’s more important (hopefully the friendship at hand), and moving on. Friends recognize when things have gone too far and put pride aside for the sake of a friendship. Yes, occasionally friends have to be able to forgive and or say, “I am sorry.” Oddly enough, that ‘sorry’ is not always for what may seem obvious on the surface.

Friendship truly is an evolving process and a process that never ceases. Wouldn’t you agree?

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