September 2007

It seems like ages ago that I did a “How Do You Like It” Tuesday. To think it was the first of my weekly staple posts. I like to think it still is…I just pull it out of the bag less frequently. Perhaps I should give it a run again. Admittedly it’s harder to get into the post because it was a post that I often got Spider’s input in. Sometimes we’d laugh hysterically over some of the subjects we were throwing out at each other. Times change though…with Spider pretty much on a hiatus from blogging and our chat times shorter, since he tires easily, I just don’t find the motivation to compose the post.

Today, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here goes.

How do you like to spend your downtime or quiet time with you significant other? I’m leaving this one open-ended for response rather than dictating the choices.

For me, I find that my best time with my special one is generally when we are simply laying side by side or sitting next to each other holding each other, kissing tenderly, gazing into each other eyes. And oh did I say that nice furry goatee or beard rubbing up against the face. Yap! That’s how I like to spend my downtime. Your thoughts? Do share.


WOW! I guess the duldrums of ‘routine’ are back in my life. I can’t seem to find much to write about as work is work now that it is full-time. Plus I have chosen to limit what I write about work here though I will say it was quite an active week this past one. I felt like Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST with her head spinning. That put me in a crash mode Friday night. I fell asleep watching the ol’ boob tube.

Saturday was RETAKE Saturday. I spent the late afternoon into the evening re-photoing two of the four rooms that I had done last weekend. Yap! The upstairs bathroom and the dining room were my projects. I think I got some decent photos in this batch. I’d like to show you some of my project work but I have this ‘thing’ about posting them on the Internet and having someone else use the photos for there own personal accolade (if you catch my drift). If someone has a suggestion, I am open to listening.

Today was all personal chores. Sunday Mass and then grocery shopping this morning. Can you believe that I have not grocery shopped since the middle of July. I kid you not! All the traveling and when I was home, I was either surviving on the canned goods stockpiled in my pantry and the meat in my freezer or I was invited for dinner at my sister’s place often. In any event I dropped $350 yesterday buying those groceries, toiletries, powder protein, etc. Y-I-K-E-S!!! But I am stockpiled again and back to having the good foods to work in tandem with my weightlifting/cardio program once again.

I also chatted with my buds, Derek and Horsey, this weekend. Both are doing well. And of course I got my usual daily call into Spider. He’s about packed up for Virginia ūüė¶ , but won’t be leaving until Friday. I just don’t want him missing Orlando. He seems to have done better the last part of this past week. His nausea has decreased and the diarrhea has minimized, thankfully to a new prescription from the doctor. This has allowed him to actually EAT SOMETHING and maintain his weight hopefully. His main complaint is his lack of energy. But hey, we all know that comes with the battle he’s up against.

So there you have it my weekend. W-O-O-H-O-O-O-O-!!! Anything exciting happen with yours.

Sixteen months ago I made my first silly remark to this pesky little ‘thang’ of an arachnoid nature. Funny, ‘cuz I hate creepy, crawly critters. But somehow I found this critter to be of an endearing nature, so much so that I had to venture out to see it’s home some three months later. And you know, ARACHNOID suddenly had a whole new meaning. Friendly, silly, caring, sarcastic, loving, hopeful…so much more wrapped up into one package (hmmm, did I say ‘package?’ *eg*)

For some of you I am sure you are saying, “What the hell is he talking about?” Of course, I am referring to Spider, my dear, dear friend. He’s on my mind tonight as he is every day. Several of you have made inquiries about how Spider has been doing as of late with his cancer treatment. Several have asked if he will be blogging any time soon again. On the later issue, I just don’t know when he will be back. I think much of the lack of blogging rests with the first issue. This round of chemotherapy has really knocked Spider for a loop. He had hoped there would be a rhythm or pattern to the treatment, namely feel crappy the first week of treatment while receiving the chemo and recover, feel a bit more energized the second week. Then start the cycle over again with the same expectations.

But that has not been the course. Spider is feeling much more lethargic and nauseated the second week of his two week rotation. And as happens with so many cancer patients when faced with this battle and news, Spider is running a bit ‘down.’ It’s hard to convince someone faced with the obstacles of cancer that their life has purpose, not to succumb to feelings of doubt. He and I have had many conversations on this subject. Sometimes we are forced to make changes, some permanent, some temporary to ensure our health and well-being. The change should not be interpreted as something that makes us any less of a person than who we currently are.

Anyhow, I suspect I should get to the point. Spider is doing about as well as any cancer patient can be at this stage. Just ask Bigg or read his more current blog posts to get a fresh perspective.¬† He’s battling with emotions.¬† Spider will be leaving Orlando temporarily and the cottage (the later for good I think – I loved that little place). He’s heading out-of-state for home with Hampton and Chesapeake for the duration of his treatment. I don’t feel I need to get into the rest of the mechanics of how he’ll treat. I just feel bad for him on several levels. I know how much he’s loved his cottage. I know he’s going to miss the friends he does have in Orlando. Yet in the same breath, old familiar surroundings and family can be good for the body, mind, and soul.

What I care most about is my dearest friend getting well, FOR GOOD! I like to think of this whole event as just a minor blip in Spidie’s life. He’s going to come roaring back, I’m sure. Hopefully I can convince him to blog a little more while he is in that place called home. For those that know Spider, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.¬† Thanks.


Well, I said in yesterday’s post that I’d have something to chuckle about in this post. It’s my third installment of five on my trip to Toronto two weeks ago. It’s amazing what happens when you put a group of ‘bears’ together in a city that really works at being gay friendly. All inhibitions seem to cease. As a collective group, my fellow Toronto entourage had a blast enjoying what the city had to offer. So without much further fanfare, let’s get to the pictures. I hope Sean, Jeff (Sean’s partner), Pete (formerly of the retired blog, Just Thinking), James (Pete’s beau), etal., don’t hang me for sharing some of these ‘precious’ moments. Enjoy!


It’s a wonderful day in the gayborhood, a wonderful day in the gayborhood. Could you be mine, would you be mine…. Oh brother, why do I have Mr. Roger’s on the brain. LOL.


“But please. I want a baby bear! P-U-R-T-E-E please with cotton candy on top!”¬† (Jeff)


Whoever said a bear couldn’t be Mary Tyler Moore!! It’s the big city after all. (James)


I do love ‘dem mounties! Woof!


Living Art mimics Art (#1). “But dearest, your baby is so precious!” (Sean and Jeff)


Colonel Klink!! We had a ton of laughs in a army surplus store. I wish I had taken more pictures there. Doesn’t Petey look so cute.


Living Art mimics Art (#2). Little muscles turn into big muscles in oh so many ways. *eg*


Petey just being weird. I love him dearly…one of my best buds.


Hmmm! Can someone tell me what would be so enticing in the SPOTTED Dick?!

NO, I HAVEN’T FALLEN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH! I simply completed my first week of full-time commercial design work. My employer hit me with news Friday, September 7th, that they wanted to bring me on board as a full-time employee. There were two ‘little’ caveats…the position was hourly rather than salaried and it was only guaranteed through December. I took it as I knew that any time over 40 hours would be time and a half. But I promptly advised my employer, given the uncertainty of the position beyond December, that I would be looking for work outside the company. They were understanding of my financial needs.

In any event, to get back on track here, I finished out my first week. My employer was throwing some new work at me which I had not performed in the past. As you all know, when you are hit with new information, your brain goes into warp speed to try to digest the myriad of information. That brings on fatigue slowly. By last Friday, I felt SPENT!!! Lets just say I crashed Friday night real quickly and slept in Saturday.  I had forgotten how draining and tiring work could be.

As for the weekend, I began to migrate my current information on my Powerbook G4 to my new MacBook Pro, watched my niece’s and nephew’s soccer games, and photographed several rooms in my sister’s hous, including those new re-done bathrooms I told you about previously. The later item is intended for my portfolio. I also tried to call a few of my friends this weekend, but know one seemed to want to talk. I haven’t heard from Spider in a little over two days. Feeling a bit concerned these days. As always, keep him in your thoughts.

Time to head off to work! Wish me luck as I move into week #2. I’m going to try to post some of my ‘playful’ pictures from the Toronto trip in a day or two. You all have a good week.

My buds, Derek and Spider, need some cheering up so I thought this post might bring a smile to their face.¬† It’s light-hearted, I hope.

Part of the enjoyment I got out of my trip to Toronto was gallivanting around the city, popping into all ‘SORTS’ of stores that had a variety of ‘GOODS’ to sell. Dear old Sean had us on a foot hunt looking for a particular action comic magazine series. I initially thought “what the f***” but ended up thoroughly enjoying myself. Seeing all the action figures done up, in addition to the magazines and other wares, brought back many childhood memories.

So can you guess all these action figure heroes which were part of a mural on this comic book storefront?






Thought I’d share my Toronto photos in five segments over the next five to eight days. I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much. I also need to start figuring out how I can store some of the large groupings of pictures elsewhere so I can just link to them. Any suggestions as to a good, “free” storage source that is user friendly for set up?


Masonic Hall on Yonge Street, circa 1888.


I just loved the building layers and textures in this scene.


Something important, aye!


I believe the tour guide said there was a revolving dance floor inside…woohoo! All we need is a disco ball.


Old contrasted sharply against the new!


I just have this thing about doors.


Boy, is this an example of post-modern art. Do you think they are running major headaches?


Nothing like an all-glass building to reflect back a bit of the gorgeous cityscape!


Definite OLD vs. NEW. This is what gave Toronto its character in my opinion.


The tour guide said that from the air, these structures make what looks like a human eye. I just found it to be interesting architecture.

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