OK! I know, I know. It’s not Tuesday so therefore it can’t be HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Tuesday. But you forget, it’s my blog so today is my How Do You Like It post. Shoot me!

All joking aside, we are well into fall, and sure to be here soon is winter. I think for a good number of us, we are starting to feel some of the cool chill in the air, if not the entire day, at least in the evenings. Those cold evenings can be so much more relaxing and special with a nice warm drink. And no, I am not talking TEQUILA guys. By the way, I’ve managed to come off my ‘tequila high’ or should I be saying hangover. Uggggh! Back to my point though, a warm drink setting the tone for a relaxing evening, comfort food if you will. For me, that warm drink that sooths the savage ‘inner beast’ in me at this time of year is hot chocolate. Nothing like sitting down to a good movie and sipping on a coffee mug filled with pure chocolate pleasure.

I happen to love my hot chocolate slathered in whipped cream, marshmallows, and some white chocolate shavings. Talk about rich and creamy. Hmmm! I think I need to take a break after this and get some YUMMY for my TUMMY. Gosh, my mind seems to be scattering in different directions as I think about all these terms I am throwing out…evil grin.

But I digress for the second time. My question to you today is:

How do you like your hot chocolate – simply straight, sinfully spiked with a little coffee or alcohol, slathered with whipped cream, or smothered with marshmallows?

Time to share…spill them beans friends!