February 2008

To anybody that may still be reading and care, my dear friend, Spider, received the necessary fixes to some (heart) arteries that should have been repaired three weeks ago. Of course, if you have been following my occasional posts on him, you know that he suffered an initially severe stroke at that time.

At 8am East Coast time, yesterday, Spider underwent a catheterization
procedure where they inserted a stint in one valve (which remains behind to help the blood flow through the specific artery) and also put a balloon in another artery to stretch it, allow it to clear, and then remove it. At about 11:00am West Coast time, 2pm East Coast, Spidie texted me to say that he was ok and that the procedure went fine. What a relief…especially based on the fact that the doctors had warned him that his chances of another stroke were higher this go-around.

I actually spoke to him directly at about 7:15pm East Coast time last night. Dummy me had awoken him from a nap. But he sure sounded in good spirits. He had a bit of chest pain for which they had run some tests. I don’t know if they showed anything of concern. The main thing is he pulled through the procedure without any complications.

So with a little luck, his nightmare is behind him. He is done with his cancer treatment for now. The colon cancer is gone though recent, poor MRI scans showed some clouding in the lungs (sometimes typical after chemo treatment). He’ll have a follow-up visit on that issue in two months and hopefully all will have subsided for good. The procedure yesterday should help with the shortness of breath, lethargy, and tightness he had in his chest. I’d like to believe that within a few weeks, Spider will be able to begin looking for work and gain back some of his life. Keep him in your thoughts.



Hello everyone, or at least to everyone that has managed to stick around my blog. Seems like one blogs infrequently, starts back up posting, and then really gets an idea who still comes around. LOL. Such is life or rather the fickle world of blogging.

In any event, I have something to write about today. In my last post, PARALLEL EXPERIENCES, I wrote briefly about Mark Tedesco, a guy that I had met on-line who formerly was a Catholic priest. His book is entitled, That Undeniable Longing – My Road To And From The Priesthood. I believe I mentioned that I was trying to meet up with him in person.

s_6044d3be8b6d2306e7172ddf755ac77e.jpgWell yesterday (Sunday) I met Mark at St. Victor’s Catholic Church in West Hollywood (CA.) for Sunday Mass, brunch afterwards, and conversation. Naturally he caught my eye – a very handsome man. And he had the personality to fit the bill. Very outgoing but under-spoken at the same time. Genuine, intelligent, and articulate. And most importantly, a person willing to share himself with others with respect to the road many of us have taken or are taking in finding out who we are as gay men. All I can say is I found him engaging. I haven’t had 2 hours of conversation fly by effortlessly in some time. It was nice to finally converse with someone on the same plane as me…my age, gay, and a practicing Catholic. About the only thing I didn’t do while we visited was get him to sign my book. Mind you…that will happen. *smirk* See, we are getting together again in about two weeks for a similar outing.  I  look forward to developing this acquaintance into a friendship.

I must say, “I feel invigorated, much more than I have in some time.” Now I am just shooting to meet MySpace man #2, ‘A’. That was to have happened this past Friday but had to be postponed tentatively until this coming Friday. It’s so nice to meet some good quality men in my ‘backyard’ to compliment those friends I have met in other States.

Have a great week.

Hi everyone. Yes I am alive. Think I am pulling a Smiley with disappearing off the face of the earth and then reappearing. I hope his ears are burning…yes you heard me, burning. LMAO! Have to rib him somehow. He gets me every now and then. We’ll see if he is even reading my blog anymore. Laughing uncontrollably again.

In any event, I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster these past three weeks or so. This business venture feels unsettling at times. I don’t have all the answers I need yet to make me feel comfortable. And there is a part of me that needs a certain amount of interaction with people/friends outside of work that just isn’t happening as it did when I was in school and traveling on breaks to see people I blog with. I’m working though to make other connections, most recently through MySpace. I’ve met a number of really nice bearish, masculine men, some out-of-state but fortunately some right in my own backyard. I working on meeting two at the moment, hopefully over the next two weekends.

One of these men on MySpace is the focus of my blog post today. His name is Mark Tedesco. Mark is a year older than me I believe…48/49 years old. He appears to be engaging, articulate, genuine, and definitely bearishly masculine. But what captured my attention about him is that he seems to live with an element of faith in his life as I am struggling to balance in my life as a gay man. See, Mark went through Catholic seminary, became a priest, and left it with a year or so of being ordained.

How do know this much about Mark having only briefly exchanged a few emails? I have read his book entitled, “THE UNDENIABLE LONGING: My Road To And From The Priesthood.” I must say I found that it struck several nerves. He asked himself many of the same questions I have asked and continue to ask myself in my struggle to find peace in my life, balancing my human and spiritual needs as a gay man. If you are a spiritual person and/or open to the varied challenges gay men and women are faced with daily, it’s a remarkable book. For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that I am very ‘closed’ when it comes to sharing any element about my faith. Perhaps that is because I tire of the attitude that many (mind you, I didn’t say all) gays have toward religion and faith. However, if you want to know ME, then read Mark’s book. I am far from being an avid reader but this book was the first book that I have ever read in a single sitting. Seriously.

I am ecstatic at the thought of meeting Mark within the next few weeks. You can bet your bottom that I will be asking him if he has found the ‘peace’ he’s been seeking or if he still sees his life evolving, both at the human and spiritual levels.

Guess this is a wrap for me. Hopefully I won’t let as much time pass between this and the next post. Should you have an opportunity to read Mark’s book, drop me an email at lifescolorfulbrushstrokes@yahoo.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I might just pass them along to Mark.

Have a great week!