August 2008

Ok…let’s do something fun. I haven’t done a blasted silly post in ‘forever’ it seems. So without further adieu…

If time were ever on your side and you could preserve one element of your physical being, what part would that be and why?

And of course we all have that one item we just have to dispose of, that just knocks us down a notch. If you could part with one feature of your being, what would it be and why?

Now, now fair if you don’t tell us why!!

And I suppose if I don’t share my answers, I’ll never hear the end of it. So here goes. The one physical feature I want preserved. Hmmm! I can I say this tactfully…the head of my SCHTICK!!! LOL! I guess for the pure and simple reason that guys just seem enamored by it. As for the one item I’d gladly part with…my gut, however small it may be. I want a rock solid abdomen and I just don’t seem to be getting it there. Then again I “ain’t” 20-something anymore!

There you have it. Hope you are all in good spirits these days!


I don’t know what is possessing me to write tonight at nearly 12:45am but guess I am not ready to sleep.  I have been perusing some of my old favorite blog sites to in part, get caught up with the news of some of my friends.  For some, things have changed dramatically…new homes, weight loss, moving in together, etc.  For others, it was obvious all was status quo from where I had left off reading in April of this year (2008).

But I did learn something…seems like many forget you once blogged and simply pull you from their blogroll.  Laughing out loud!  I shouldn’t be nor am I surprised really not to see my little ‘ol blog listed on some of my fellow bloggers’ sites.  Guess when you are gone for several months like I have been without even making comments in others’ blogs, one doesn’t know what to expect.  “Is he merely taking a break?”  “Is he gone for good?”  “Oh well, I need to do a bit of housecleaning so I’ll just eliminate this blogroll!”

Well I am alive!  And I haven’t completely shut this blog down.  Gonna write on the spur of the moment and gonna do so only when I have time and feel I can devote some here.  To those of you who have held on to my link…thanks.  I hope you are all still popping in to see if there is any activity here.

News to report:

– My new partnership business dealing with high-end residential and commercial design is rolling along fine.

– My business partner and I are going to be published in a local magazine with something we designed for a charity event (to be auctioned to highest bidder).

– I continue to meet more guys than I could ever imagine on Bear411.  All I can say is GRRRRRRRR!  Quite flattering and many are such nice guys.  Some friendships have evolved.

– I am wondering if there isn’t one guy in particular (off Bear411) that might be capturing my attention…maybe my heart?!?!

– Spider thus far has been given a clean bill of health on his colorectal cancer though they continue to monitor him due to a spot seen on his lungs.  The good news there is that he was in Orlando the past two weeks for follow-up tests after 3 months of not seeing the doctors and they say that the undetermined dark mass has not changed in size.  Keep him in your prayers.  He does have some on-going heart problems that most likely will remain but nothing serious.  He simply may feel tired indefinitely.  Otherwise he is in good spirits.  We’ve talked nearly twice a day for the past two weeks, much like we used to when he was in Orlando.  Obviously the ability to have these conversations has occurred since he has been in Orlando. If you didn’t already know, when he is in Virginia, it’s exceptionally hard to get through to him and him to call out due to cell coverage in his area (or lack of that is).

Anyhow, that is about a wrap up for me.  Just some food for thought and a bit of news.  Now can a guy get some loving around here and his name back up in ‘lights’ around the blogosphere?!