Hard to believe this but I am one month shy of it being two years since I wrote my last Tuesday “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?” post.  Man-o-man, where does time go?  But I felt like taking the step one more time into my blogging past…to see what shit I could stir up since I hear my friend, Mr. Cajun, is still managing to do so over at his blog.  Seems he has some troll perusing through the loins hollows of his hall.  LOL!

So without further suspense (drum roll), my question today is:

How do you like to be ‘man’ handled by your hubby or boyfriend after a long tiring day (set the scene: you are both comfy in bed sans clothing of any sort) …

  • DOOR #1 – lying on your stomach, your man hovering over you, massaging those tired shoulders, that aching back, those tight ‘cheeks?’
  • DOOR #2 – laying on your side, his fingers running softly down your arm, onto your side, along you hip…then his hands cupping your ‘cheeks’ and sliding through the ol’ valley?
  • DOOR #3 – your man cupping against you, kissing your earlobe – breathing heavily into it, cuddling, his hand sliding slowly over your hip, gently clenching and softly tugging at your ‘package?’

OK…I am having hot flashes this very moment. Why is my darn man on the other side of the U.S. continent when I need him!!  Heck, they all work for me – oh if you only new.  But alas if I can only pick one,  I’ll take DOOR #2.  Nothing like soft caressing  and a nice hand on the arse to get me unwound!  While you are at that hun, can you just roll me over onto my tummy and finish out that back massage too.  LOL!

Time to share…spill them beans friends!  And if you are so inclined, share a bit as to why  you chose it <eg>.