I am thinking about making the jump from Blogger to WordPress… what do you all think?


It’s easy to feel miserable during the holiday season and view it as a waste of time. Stores are crowded. People are pushy and demanding. Funds seem to be in short supply. Work sometimes offers year end pressures. And there is never enough time to take in all the season’s events. These are only a handful of possibilities for some to view the holidays as ‘Bah-Humbug!’

But if you have the remotest bit of comfort, family members, loved ones, and/or friends to share the holidays with and to offer emotional support, and a small cash reserve, then you have so much to be thankful for during this time of year. So many people battle mental illness during this time of year. Many walk the streets homeless, cold and hungry. There are those that literally live from paycheck to paycheck wondering when what little comfort they do have will fade away with the flip of a switch. And there are individuals who live each individual day of the holiday season wondering if they will make it to the next day, their bodies ravaged with life-draining diseases.

STOP! Pause for a moment. Is your life really that bad this holiday season? It’s easy to ‘bitch and moan’ about petty things. But I firmly believe that if you can find one shining moment in your daily life and are blessed with basic life essentials, you need to give yourself a solid smack upside the head if you’re playing the ‘woe-is-me’ violin! Trust me, it doesn’t take much to find a smidgen of positivism. If you can’t see it in your life, then ask a friend to help point it out. Then direct all that negative energy toward yet one more positive element. Help someone by offering some warmth, a kind word, financial assistance, emotional support, a simple smile and hello!

And now I have this to direct you to…

I have never made light of or hid the fact that I do not enjoy extensive reading. But every known and then I find a blog that reels me in with such intensity, grips the very soul of my being, tears at the emotions locked deep within, that I have to continue reading it. In this particular case, I know some of my readers may be familiar with the blog as I see your comments in it. For those of you who haven’t, stop by and say hi to this individual. And you can tell him I sent you. Whose blog am I singing the praises – it’s Bigg’s My Confessions.

While you are at his blogsite, send him some love please. Bigg has had a rough year personally. He’s trying to live his life by being true to himself. He works his tale off to support his kids while living through a marriage separation. I know that I’d be sitting in a hospital if I pushed myself like Bigg does. BIGG – you are an incredible guy (and a hell’uva writer). I wish I could somehow lighten your load. Thinking of you this holiday season. Hugs!

“That’s a wrap!” as Lemeul says.