Colorful Daubs – Miscellaneous Tidbits

I think today’s news is perfect for a “…Miscellaneous Tidbits” post. I’ve been a bit tied up over the last two to three weeks, resulting in infrequent posts, and it looks like more of the same for the next couple of weeks as well. I any event, here are the ‘comings and goings.’

The MOM Front: The worst for mom seems to be over, thank God. She had her procedure last Thursday. The gastro-intestinal surgeon did find stones in her bile duct, remnants from mom’s wonderful gallbladder removed only two weeks earlier. Mom said she felt like a new woman after the procedure. She does have some minimal left-sided pain but it appears that is tied in with the pneumonia and the last of that needs to run its course. Mom happens to be up and about, on her own as of this past Tuesday. As she said though, it probably will be at least another 4-6 weeks until she feels as if she is running on all four cylinders again. I’m just glad she made it through all this fiasco of oh-so-marvelous medical treatment.

Chemo SUCKS!: Spider and Bigg are pushing along with their respective chemo treatments. It just sucks though. Chemo takes so much out of you…it physically drains you between tiredness, nausea, etc. Keep your support flowing to these guys. The encouragement helps. The company helps. As always you two, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

San Diego Rocks: I headed on down to San Diego this past Friday through Sunday. This was only my third time there…the second in the past three years. It really is a quaint metropolitan city. There is some old architecture which the city has fought diligently to preserve mixed in with some really interesting new structures. The Gas Lamp District was something to behold in the evenings. It is like a huge block party on Friday and Saturday nights. It is dominated by bars, clubs, and restaurants, most all of them packed to the hilts. Of course Coronado Island is always phenomenal. Oh, and did I mention we slipped in La Jolla too. Thought I’d share a few pictures here. Enjoy!













Ain’t No Hurricane Stoppin’ This Gang From Gettin’ To Kauai: Hawaii is just one day off. Tomorrow, bright and early…like 4:30am, we’ll be getting our asses in high gear to get out to Los Angeles International Airport for our flight over to Kauai. And it appears that the hurricane that was running off the Big Island of Hawaii has flown right by. Should be good weather for the most part. I can’t wait. I see margaritas, ocean, pool, and kayaking on the horizon. WOOHOO! I am gone from 8/17 to 8/27 but I am hoping to have Internet access at the timeshare I will be staying at with my brother-in-law C, sister T, niece L and nephew N.

Cruisin’ Potentially Into Yet One Last Summer Trip After Hawaii: Well just when you were thinking, “Damn, is Tony about done traveling. Where else could he possibly go?”, it possibly isn’t over. I am contemplating a trip out to Toronto over the Labor Day weekend to meet up with my bud Pete, his new hunk, James, along with Sean and his hubby, Jeff, and a few others. And to really make the trip worthwhile, should I go, I will be seeing another blogger I read regularly, Al of Synaptic Blue. With some luck, he’ll pull a dear soul, Steve, out of hibernation, who he was once partnered up with over at former great read. Have to make my decision by this evening’s end Then the majority of summer will be over and it will be time for me to hunker down on some design career decisions. Will I stay in commercial corporate or make a move over to residential corporate? Will I hang tight for another three months to let my two friends finish school and then roll into a joint business (odds and ends work to fill the time)? Do I make a move to a city known for more contemporary work, like New York City or Chicago?

My head is already spinning putting this all to words. I think I simply want to enjoy the last of my summer outings for now.


az259145_1001.jpgWell this just seems to be the week for resurrecting past weekly/biweekly blog segments. Since I really had no specific topic in mind to write about but a bunch of extraneous thoughts, I thought it was time to slip back into my Miscellaneous Tidbits commentaries. So let’s get started.

NEWSFLASH – ‘Rambling’ Meets Another Passage Of Time: I wanted to start my blog post off today by wishing my blogger bud, Kel, over at Rambling Along In Life…, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Seems like Father Time has graced him with another year. Please stop by and wish him much cheer on his special day. Or perhaps that should be week rather than day…seems like ‘Rambling’ has to turn this gig into a week long event. LOL. Don’t have too much fun Kelly!
The Spider Front: Spider heads into the doctors office today for his two-week, post-surgery follow-up visit. The Doc may be removing the last of his sutures. Overall, Spidie is in good spirits. He’s worked his way back into eating very small amounts of solid foods and the abdomen pain that he was experiencing after surgery seems to be dissipating now. His parents have been out since a week ago this past Monday and will be heading home this Thursday. And that puts Spider back in his little cottage as well Thursday to begin his normal daily routine, with the exception of on more round of chemo to endure. Remember him in your thoughts.

Bigg’s Journey Begins: I just wanted to take one more moment to also remind my readers to keep Bigg, of My Confessions, in your thoughts and prayers today as well. At 6:30AM Eastern time today he begins his chemo intravenous treatments. Esophageal cancer is a tough ‘battle’ and generally has a higher recurrence rate…I know, my dad, battled this cancer four years ago. Hugs my friend…you have this dear soul pulling for you!!

Slipping into Chicago Again: This Friday at the crack of dawn this body is slipping on a plane and heading back to Chicago for another six days. I’ll be seeing my friend, “J”,again and finishing out visiting some of the sights I did not get to see a month ago. Plus, I just have to get in some more multi-cultural fine dining. Truth be told, I have also been giving some thought about moving to either Chicago or New York City for a year or two in hopes of gaining some design experience in a city accustomed to more contemporary design style.

Vacation Mode: Well the Chicago stint will start off my vacation stint again over the next month and a half. When I arrive back from Chicago on Wednesday, July 26, I work one day, Thursday, and then head up to the SF Bay Area to my mom’s, help her pack, and then head up to Lake Tahoe for our annual family vacation. I’ll be there for a week. I just hope that we don’t have another rendition of WAR AND PEACE like we had last summer amongst the sisters. LOL. I then come back for two weeks, get a bit of work in, and then head out to beautiful Kaui for a week. I’ll be spending that with my little sister, her husband, the niece and nephew, and my mom. All I want to do is sit on the beach in the evening with a tropical drink in hand (or margarita), watch the sun set, and listen to the ocean crashing against the shoreline. SERENITY!!!

The Bathroom Projects: I am still working on getting some pictures of the two bathrooms I redid for my sister. Looks like the task of getting a professional out to my sister’s home may not occur until I am back from Tahoe. Hang in there…you’ll see the completed work in some manner!!

That about does it for news over the past week or so. Have a great Hump Day!