I found myself reflecting today on several comments left by some of my good blogger buds on my past week’s posts from Florida. I then went back to look at one closer. Seems several people had something to say about those torn jeans of mine. Remember…the ones I discovered were torn after I got off my flight in Orlando, having gone through one layover stop.

Thought I would set the records straight. I opted to go to Old Navy for a new pair because the jeans there are reasonable. And contrary to what a few of you said or may have thought, I personally have had good results with jean purchases from Old Navy. Oddly enough, my torn jeans were Ralph Lauren Polo jeans purchased at Macy’s – a rather expensive purchase. They lasted a little over a year.  I guess my question is, “Is this fashion?”  Hehehe!

Now some of you had this itching desire to see those torn jeans. Well, of course, it’s nearly impossible to get the true effect of the tear unless you see it three dimensionally. So I thought a model ‘tosh’ might be required in order to provide you an opportunity to thoroughly examine the tear.

Without further ado…the jeans!!! Happy Hump Day!