margarita.jpgWell…six 16-oz. slushy frozen Margaritas and one 16-oz. Strawberry Daiquiri later, I am sooooooo over tequila. Hmmm! Until the next party. *smirk*

Don’t get me wrong I am in no way, shape, or form a drinker but when it comes to family gatherings, I just have to let my ‘golden locks’ down every now and then. This past Saturday was our family’s big reunion shindig. My sister and brother-in-law paid to have a Mexican caterer come in, rented tables and chairs, dolled up the side garden path leading to the backyard with festive balloons, got flowers for every table (14), had a combo jumper/slide brought in for the kiddies, had the pool heating up, and supplied plenty of ‘merriment’ (AKA…booze). They had a dual commercial slushy machine going with one bin making Margaritas and the other bin churning up Strawberry Daiquiris. Then there were the coolers stocked with beer, water, and kid drinks.

Everyone had a blast. When our family throws a party we get the comments coming back, “As usual, you guys threw a killer party!” I have come to the conclusion though, it’s the alcohol speaking. LMAO!. My damn brother-in-law is a stinker. When he makes any drink, he tends to run them on the stronger side. Let’s just say he incorporated absolutely know water in the drink mix yesterday, which is inherent in getting the drink mixture to slush over quicker. And obviously dilute the drink a tad. So perhaps you have an idea now why I jokingly made the earlier comment about being so over tequila. The brother-in-law sent me home last night with my head spinning. I literally collapsed into bed stripped to my undies and felt as if I were laying on a table that was being spun around. I went out in a matter of minutes, sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 pm. I did not even hear my cellphone ring at 10 pm (the sis checking up on me ‘cuz I had simply disappeared from the party) which was located two feet away from my head. Did I sleep right through to the next morning. WRONG!! I woke up at 3:30am with a major raging heading. Popped two Excedrin Migraine tablets and started downing ice cold water and placing cold compresses on my forehead. Did I ever fall back to sleep. No! I got up at 6:30am and simply got myself ready for Sunday services. Lets just say my head was still slightly spinning in church. And well, that off-kilter feeling went much of the day until I slipped in my cardio/weightlifting workout at around 2pm yesterday.

Here we are Monday morning and I am not quite ready for the new work week. Can someone put about another 3-4 hours of night time on the clock so that I can get in a bit more snoozing? LOL. Have a great week everyone.

P.S. > You should have seen me working the floor when it came to showing off the rooms I had done in my sister’s house. Hey…I have to make a living. Think I peaked a few peoples’ curiosity. With some luck, the networking will bring about some residential design work.


WOW! I guess the duldrums of ‘routine’ are back in my life. I can’t seem to find much to write about as work is work now that it is full-time. Plus I have chosen to limit what I write about work here though I will say it was quite an active week this past one. I felt like Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST with her head spinning. That put me in a crash mode Friday night. I fell asleep watching the ol’ boob tube.

Saturday was RETAKE Saturday. I spent the late afternoon into the evening re-photoing two of the four rooms that I had done last weekend. Yap! The upstairs bathroom and the dining room were my projects. I think I got some decent photos in this batch. I’d like to show you some of my project work but I have this ‘thing’ about posting them on the Internet and having someone else use the photos for there own personal accolade (if you catch my drift). If someone has a suggestion, I am open to listening.

Today was all personal chores. Sunday Mass and then grocery shopping this morning. Can you believe that I have not grocery shopped since the middle of July. I kid you not! All the traveling and when I was home, I was either surviving on the canned goods stockpiled in my pantry and the meat in my freezer or I was invited for dinner at my sister’s place often. In any event I dropped $350 yesterday buying those groceries, toiletries, powder protein, etc. Y-I-K-E-S!!! But I am stockpiled again and back to having the good foods to work in tandem with my weightlifting/cardio program once again.

I also chatted with my buds, Derek and Horsey, this weekend. Both are doing well. And of course I got my usual daily call into Spider. He’s about packed up for Virginia ūüė¶ , but won’t be leaving until Friday. I just don’t want him missing Orlando. He seems to have done better the last part of this past week. His nausea has decreased and the diarrhea has minimized, thankfully to a new prescription from the doctor. This has allowed him to actually EAT SOMETHING and maintain his weight hopefully. His main complaint is his lack of energy. But hey, we all know that comes with the battle he’s up against.

So there you have it my weekend. W-O-O-H-O-O-O-O-!!! Anything exciting happen with yours.

This past weekend while up in Los Angeles for Pride, my friend, Tom, and I stopped by the GROVE, a farmer’s market and outdoor mall. While meandering through the outdoor farmer’s market we came across this little shop that specializes in HOT SAUCES solely. My gosh! I had no idea that there were so many small enterprises out there attempting to cut there own niche in this specialized market.

Tom and I must have paraded through the store for a good half hour simply reading all the labels. Every now and then you’d here a sudden outburst from me. Some of the brand names were simply hilarious. I wish I had a note pad at the time to write all of them down.

We had:










My favorite though was ANALize THIS XXX Garlic Hot Sauce. I think what made some of these sauces was the imaginative packaging and some of the sub-lines on the sauces’ packaging…even the caricatures.

So today for Tuesday’s HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? I thought I would ask the following of my readers:

How do you like your hot sauce – a) pleasantly seasoned (whimp!!!); b) mild; c) hot; d) OOOO Baby…Light me on fire; e) Knock-me-on-my-ass hot; or f) F*ckin’-off-the-charts hot!!

Little ol’ me. I do like things hot and spicy but I think I am at about “OOOO Baby…Light me on fire.” I do want to keep my lips and I relish my sphincter for more important things, if you know what I mean. *wink*

So how do you like your hot sauce? And if you know of any other killer hot sauce brand names, do spill the beans.