You know… I haven’t ever really done much to promote my passion – design – on here.  So while I am feeling the need to write a bit in my blog, I thought I would throw this question out to you:

  • What is your favorite color (or two)?
  • Why is that color your favorite or what does it evoke in you?
  • Lastly, do you have that/those color(s) somewhere in your home and where?

Color so often creates a mood…energy, tranquility, restfulness, cheerfulness…and so much more.  And the spectrum of color is nearly infinite!  If I were to identify my favorite color(s) at this moment, I’d have to say any form of gray, with daubs of blue and brown thrown in.  To me gray has so many possibilities and creates this incredible background for art, for enhancing pops of color elsewhere in the space whether in fabrics or accessories.  Many people think of it as a cold color but it’s all in the manner that you dress it up…add elements like wood, and carpet and gray become a very cozy restful color.

For me gray stimulates my mind on the infinite directions I can go with it to create an environment that suits my needs.  As for having the color of gray and the accents of blue and brown in my current space, that’s a negative.  When you rent a room, you don’t always have that luxury.  But I am working on it.  I did incorporate gray in my sister’s bathroom remodel, along with black whites, and minimal pops of gold and red…some through marble, porcelain tile, paint, and accessories.

So…take a look at those questions above again, and tell me your thoughts. Hugs!


Well everyone…

Since technically I am an interior designer, I thought that perhaps it was about time to TALK DESIGN!

Have you ever experienced your taste in style change and evolve? I have. Funny. I used to be so ultra traditional in my design tastes but I’ve crossed the threshold. And I don’t think I am turning back. I find myself developing a tremendous love for transitional and refined contemporary styles. I love linear and curvilinear elements, but simplified and casually sophisticated. I feel more comfortable with furniture pieces that have lower profiles to create visual openness. But I also look for pieces that show ingenious functionality…a sofa with a low back profile that can be converted to a high back for TV viewing through a simple pull-up mechanism, a sliding storage door constructed to be a piece of art. I could go on.

Mind you, as a designer I will always relish the old. Traditional styles and styles of the past (period trends) are the platforms from which new design evolves. And what is even better in a space is causing a bit of angst, a bit of juxtaposition. Splashing a bit of ultra traditional with contemporary styling and vice verse.

Color is yet another element of design that speaks of an individual’s character and personality. I know I used to think that to be contemporary one had to use bold color. However, that’s not true. Contemporary is often finding a saturated color (the truest and most intense form of a color ) and then finding a grayed down version of it. This often is enough to satisfy the most traditional of people when a designer is pushing a client in a new and uncharted direction that they are uncomfortable with.

So with all this said, I find myself again moving in a contemporary-style direction. I have found that a palette of saturated blues, blue-greens, mixed with earthy browns, tans, and grays is what I aspire to have in my own space when I finally have my own living quarters again. Blend in the coolness of metallic and glass-like finishes with the warmth of natural wood elements and plants. Well that is what I will call HOME!

Now I have to know…what do you all think? What colors and style do you call ‘your own?’ Do share.

 You know, we all need to start the week off with a bit of cheerfulness.  Nothing like mother nature to provide a natural high with all its beauty and scents.  So I thought I’d start everyone’s Monday off with some pictures from my sister’s home, my former place of residence for a year. I think I’ve shown some before but no pictures have done my vision, and the sis’ until now.  I went away for two weeks back East, right after the landscape designer had been out to trim the trees and put in the yearly plantings.  I came back to what you are viewing at the moment.

Simply stated, my jaw dropped as I drove up to the house the day I arrived back in southern California.  The darn landscape architect, that my sister and brother-in-law use, has the ‘midas touch.’  I’ve been over to my sis’ house several times this past week and every time I have to go out and sit for a spell, taking in all the incredible color.  I just hope one of these days I have my own space…one-tenth the size…to hopefully create my own private garden.  Enjoy!

Have a great MONDAY and an even better week!

(I hope all these pictures are viewable in their entirety on each of your screens.)


Moving to the Backyard below.


It’s great to have this pool and yard space accessible when I want to pop over and visit the sis! S-W-E-E-T!!


dsc00215.JPG Hmmm!…it seems that those two dude cats, Chesapeake and Richmond, over at Spider’s cottage were talking smack about this ‘bro’ here. And I don’t do smack too well. Seems that they were tearing me to shreds ‘cuz they think that I am some neat freak. Gettin’ all cutsie about how I put everything in baggies in my suitcase, have all my undies color coded, and my clothes folded.

Well Chesapeake and Richmond…snap out of it you two queens! This boi here while neat has a wild side. We’re talking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Better yet, Oscar and Felix. See maybe that human-arachnoid owner, Spider, who caters to your every whim, hasn’t told you about this, this, and this. And if you don’t believe it still, here are some ‘before and after‘ photos of my bedroom (bottom of post) as of yesterday. It sat like that for six months with the clothes pile shifting up and down. See Oscar got the best of me – he told me life was too short, to worry about it only when it really becomes necessary. But yesterday, Felix hammered Oscar and took control once again. For how long? Who knows. Felix ironed 25 shirts for 2.5 hours, reorganized closet drawers, threw out unnecessary items, put luggage and some school items into storage. He was a very busy, busy bee!

So dearest Chesapeake and Richmond…control that ‘cattiness‘ of yours and don’t make hasty assumptions. Some people do find a balance between neatness and sloppiness! And this ‘cat‘ does just that. If I hear any more gossip over the net that you two are talkin’ smack about me again, I’ll just have to take back my Christmas gift. M – E – E – E – O – O – W!!


BEFORESuitcase added only upon return from Orlando.


BEFORE Desk chaos.


AFTERAbsolutely spotless / the cleanest it has been.


AFTERDesk organized and projects hanging.


AFTERClose up of desk.


AFTERI had at least 15 rolled plans from former projects stacked here. All packed away in cardboard cylinders now!