‘How Do You Like It’

Hard to believe this but I am one month shy of it being two years since I wrote my last Tuesday “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?” post.  Man-o-man, where does time go?  But I felt like taking the step one more time into my blogging past…to see what shit I could stir up since I hear my friend, Mr. Cajun, is still managing to do so over at his blog.  Seems he has some troll perusing through the loins hollows of his hall.  LOL!

So without further suspense (drum roll), my question today is:

How do you like to be ‘man’ handled by your hubby or boyfriend after a long tiring day (set the scene: you are both comfy in bed sans clothing of any sort) …

  • DOOR #1 – lying on your stomach, your man hovering over you, massaging those tired shoulders, that aching back, those tight ‘cheeks?’
  • DOOR #2 – laying on your side, his fingers running softly down your arm, onto your side, along you hip…then his hands cupping your ‘cheeks’ and sliding through the ol’ valley?
  • DOOR #3 – your man cupping against you, kissing your earlobe – breathing heavily into it, cuddling, his hand sliding slowly over your hip, gently clenching and softly tugging at your ‘package?’

OK…I am having hot flashes this very moment. Why is my darn man on the other side of the U.S. continent when I need him!!  Heck, they all work for me – oh if you only new.  But alas if I can only pick one,  I’ll take DOOR #2.  Nothing like soft caressing  and a nice hand on the arse to get me unwound!  While you are at that hun, can you just roll me over onto my tummy and finish out that back massage too.  LOL!

Time to share…spill them beans friends!  And if you are so inclined, share a bit as to why  you chose it <eg>.


OK! I know, I know. It’s not Tuesday so therefore it can’t be HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Tuesday. But you forget, it’s my blog so today is my How Do You Like It post. Shoot me!

All joking aside, we are well into fall, and sure to be here soon is winter. I think for a good number of us, we are starting to feel some of the cool chill in the air, if not the entire day, at least in the evenings. Those cold evenings can be so much more relaxing and special with a nice warm drink. And no, I am not talking TEQUILA guys. By the way, I’ve managed to come off my ‘tequila high’ or should I be saying hangover. Uggggh! Back to my point though, a warm drink setting the tone for a relaxing evening, comfort food if you will. For me, that warm drink that sooths the savage ‘inner beast’ in me at this time of year is hot chocolate. Nothing like sitting down to a good movie and sipping on a coffee mug filled with pure chocolate pleasure.

I happen to love my hot chocolate slathered in whipped cream, marshmallows, and some white chocolate shavings. Talk about rich and creamy. Hmmm! I think I need to take a break after this and get some YUMMY for my TUMMY. Gosh, my mind seems to be scattering in different directions as I think about all these terms I am throwing out…evil grin.

But I digress for the second time. My question to you today is:

How do you like your hot chocolate – simply straight, sinfully spiked with a little coffee or alcohol, slathered with whipped cream, or smothered with marshmallows?

Time to share…spill them beans friends!

Here we are…already stepping into October. Get us up to Halloween and the rest of the holiday season and year will be flying by! Isn’t it amazing how some periods of time just seem to languish and other periods, well you just can’t get enough of them or make them last sufficiently.

And on that queue, we have another “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?” Tuesday at our doorstep. Today’s topic has been on my mind for some time. It’s a topic I thought I was slowly beginning to figure out but am finding that you really never do have control over. It’s about romance in a relationship. For most people, it’s easy to determine what’s involved in a heterosexual relationship. But exactly how does romance come into play in gay and lesbian relationships. My question is obviously focused on gay males. Does the manly man want the same in romance as the average “gay JOE?” Or for that matter, the more effeminate male. Do flowers work? Do cute little cards and notes of thought carry any value? Do we, as men or women, gay or straight, need feedback to know that what we’re doing for our boyfriend, our girlfriend, our significant other is what they desire and enjoy? I could go on with more questions but I’ll cease here.

My question to you today is:

How do/did you like to be romanced and do/did you set expectations of the other? (Before answering, keep in mind so many variables come into play. How long have you known this person? Are each of you moving at the same pace in the relationship or at different paces?)

You know that I typically give you commentary of my own at this point as to what I like but I am finding myself at a lose for words today. I think I need some fresh input from my readers to perhaps set a tone for me in the future. So give my question some thought before you hit me with an answer. And then when you do answer, be honest and answer how it relates to you now, not in an idealistic world.

Let her rip!

It seems like ages ago that I did a “How Do You Like It” Tuesday. To think it was the first of my weekly staple posts. I like to think it still is…I just pull it out of the bag less frequently. Perhaps I should give it a run again. Admittedly it’s harder to get into the post because it was a post that I often got Spider’s input in. Sometimes we’d laugh hysterically over some of the subjects we were throwing out at each other. Times change though…with Spider pretty much on a hiatus from blogging and our chat times shorter, since he tires easily, I just don’t find the motivation to compose the post.

Today, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here goes.

How do you like to spend your downtime or quiet time with you significant other? I’m leaving this one open-ended for response rather than dictating the choices.

For me, I find that my best time with my special one is generally when we are simply laying side by side or sitting next to each other holding each other, kissing tenderly, gazing into each other eyes. And oh did I say that nice furry goatee or beard rubbing up against the face. Yap! That’s how I like to spend my downtime. Your thoughts? Do share.

I have found that I have left several staple, recurring, weekly posts in the ‘drawer’ as of late.  So it’s time to open the drawer and let loose the stored goods.  I thought that it was about time to step back into my “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?” Tuesday post this week.  With summer here, it’s hard not to think about anything other than summer…sports, clothing styles,  men – perhaps the lifeguard variety, summer footwear and eyewear, and haircuts.  Did I say haircuts?

Well there is my question for this week:

How do you like to wear your hair?  I’m leaving this one open-ended as it really can be answered in a number of ways.  Consider hair length, hair products, hair styles, hats/caps, etc. 

I personally keep the hair short.  I’ve grown use to it for a year-round style.  No real fuss…hop in the shower, dry it off, and depending on the the events for the day, wear it natural or rub in a bit of hair lotion.  I am ready for the day.

So how about you?

This past weekend while up in Los Angeles for Pride, my friend, Tom, and I stopped by the GROVE, a farmer’s market and outdoor mall. While meandering through the outdoor farmer’s market we came across this little shop that specializes in HOT SAUCES solely. My gosh! I had no idea that there were so many small enterprises out there attempting to cut there own niche in this specialized market.

Tom and I must have paraded through the store for a good half hour simply reading all the labels. Every now and then you’d here a sudden outburst from me. Some of the brand names were simply hilarious. I wish I had a note pad at the time to write all of them down.

We had:










My favorite though was ANALize THIS XXX Garlic Hot Sauce. I think what made some of these sauces was the imaginative packaging and some of the sub-lines on the sauces’ packaging…even the caricatures.

So today for Tuesday’s HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? I thought I would ask the following of my readers:

How do you like your hot sauce – a) pleasantly seasoned (whimp!!!); b) mild; c) hot; d) OOOO Baby…Light me on fire; e) Knock-me-on-my-ass hot; or f) F*ckin’-off-the-charts hot!!

Little ol’ me. I do like things hot and spicy but I think I am at about “OOOO Baby…Light me on fire.” I do want to keep my lips and I relish my sphincter for more important things, if you know what I mean. *wink*

So how do you like your hot sauce? And if you know of any other killer hot sauce brand names, do spill the beans.

Yesterday was a rather BLAH! day and I am not sure if there was one reason in particular driving the mood of the day. Just two “rays of sunshine in my day”…my Spider and this rather Woodsy Bear…oh and maybe this man from down under. Funny how one minute you can wish for time to just zip by and in another, beg for it to slow down as there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day. Have all these thoughts battling each other in my head. Those adventurous ones saying, “Take it easy, travel, see some of the world (or in my case at the moment, see some of the U.S.). And then those practical, realist thoughts prodding me with, “You need to get back to work now…funds are getting low, need a place of your own to live in…” Oh Poohey! Today’s another day. Tomorrow is as well.

Let’s get on with Tuesday’s HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? The question I have in mind for all you studs today is:

When receiving your special delivery goods from the UPS or FedEx man, who do you like to see him dressed — in a pair of long work pants or in his uniform shorts? Or is there some other dress attire I might be missing here? 😉


For me….I want to see my UPS man in those cute tight brown shorts…Ones that highlight a nice posterior and ones that show off hopefully a nice set of hairy muscled legs from top to bottom. Oh and gotta have those boots and socks to finish off the sexy ensemble.

So, whadda’ya say?

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