Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was rather mundane. And the rain just made it that much more melancholy. I’m wishing I could spark my life up again, much like it was in late 2006 and last year. Alas, I just have to remind myself that the ‘real’ world is back after my four year hiatus.

With this all said, lets start the week off with a good laugh. Don’t ask why I am posting this but I am. All I will say was that I was in the “men’s” restroom last night upon my throne and it all hit me. Have you ever had one of those moments where a thought or thoughts just get you started laughing uncontrollably? Well I did. Those thoughts all sprung from one little word…john (yes, lower case!).
These are those thoughts that ran through my head:

While sitting on the ‘john,’ does your ‘thang’ occasionally go for a slight dunk or swim?

Is the toilet paper hanging with the open end to the outside of the roll or toward the inside (the wall)?

When releasing said “NO. 1,” do you grace the throne by standing before it or sitting upon it?

Is your TP single-ply or cushy two-ply?

This may be TOO MUCH INFO but I just have to ask – one swipe to call it ‘finito’ or multiple?

Do you dwell on the ‘john’ reading the newspaper/magazine or make a quick exit?

Does that moment in the ‘john’ bring a degree of clarity?

Hey…I said you’d get a good laugh out of this post. I know…warped mind at this end. LOL. Now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, I might as well take it one step further. My answers:

Oh it swims baby. I have to sit up straight or it’s a dunkin’. LOL

You best have the TP’s end turned toward the inside (the wall) or I’ll do it for you. I can’t stand when it’s on the outside. When it’s on the outside, you invariably go to tug on it and the whole roll seems to come spinning off the spool.

I’d say I’m about a 75/25 person, the greater portion of the time sitting upon thy ‘throne.’ Think it’s always been a male thing in my family growing up, etc.

Give me ‘cushy’ two-ply please. The rump’s deepest pit is tender these days. LOL.

Sorry…it’s got to be clean down there so I suspect you know my answer to the single/multiple question.

If I walk into the ‘john’ with some reading material I am always in the restroom longer than I should be.

Hell yes, the mind wonders quite a bit in the restroom, and some of my best thinking, answers come from there. LOL. And fantasies too! *eg*

So, will some of you make me feel less embarrassed now by taking some initiative to delve into these most thought-provoking questions and answering them?! Have a great week.


Well, I said in yesterday’s post that I’d have something to chuckle about in this post. It’s my third installment of five on my trip to Toronto two weeks ago. It’s amazing what happens when you put a group of ‘bears’ together in a city that really works at being gay friendly. All inhibitions seem to cease. As a collective group, my fellow Toronto entourage had a blast enjoying what the city had to offer. So without much further fanfare, let’s get to the pictures. I hope Sean, Jeff (Sean’s partner), Pete (formerly of the retired blog, Just Thinking), James (Pete’s beau), etal., don’t hang me for sharing some of these ‘precious’ moments. Enjoy!


It’s a wonderful day in the gayborhood, a wonderful day in the gayborhood. Could you be mine, would you be mine…. Oh brother, why do I have Mr. Roger’s on the brain. LOL.


“But please. I want a baby bear! P-U-R-T-E-E please with cotton candy on top!”¬† (Jeff)


Whoever said a bear couldn’t be Mary Tyler Moore!! It’s the big city after all. (James)


I do love ‘dem mounties! Woof!


Living Art mimics Art (#1). “But dearest, your baby is so precious!” (Sean and Jeff)


Colonel Klink!! We had a ton of laughs in a army surplus store. I wish I had taken more pictures there. Doesn’t Petey look so cute.


Living Art mimics Art (#2). Little muscles turn into big muscles in oh so many ways. *eg*


Petey just being weird. I love him dearly…one of my best buds.


Hmmm! Can someone tell me what would be so enticing in the SPOTTED Dick?!

It’s Tuesday, it’s Tuesday! That means class is done with for the week and I have my mental break today doing real design work. I have to say that while I did not meet my quota of five elevations for preliminary review in class last night, I am pretty impressed with the two that I did tackle. They are my more involved elevations that I chose to do first. As hard as it has been on me, and trust me it’s not been easily from a mental standpoint (whole other story), it is impressive to see your design come to life. Plus you do recognize some of the inconsistencies in your design as it begins to take on a more dimensional component to it. I will admit though, my anxiety level has stepped up another degree. There is so much left to do and I only have three weeks left to complete the vast majority of the project for submission. The fourth week is finals week and that is when we do the board and model presentations. Did I say model…yes! I have to be honest, I don’t know if that last item can be accomplished. I’m having a hard time with the thought of even attempting to do one when I know it will be sub-par if I am able to get to it. Models aren’t cheap to produce and I see it as a waste of money…money that could go to feed a homeless person and quite honestly, money I do not have these days.

My mind is ready for a long, long break from school, whether it is in the cards for me to pass this class or fail. So the countdown begins to my destiny. You know this is all so serious. It’s times like this where we need to lighten up. I have the perfect HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? question for today. The question is:

How do you like your humor…dry, sarcastic, witty, silly, or just plain raunchy?

Hmmm! I think my like for humor runs on a few levels here. I know I have this insatiable appetite for good British humor…dry, a bit wity and quip! – perhaps something along the lines of the old PBS sitcom, Are You Being Served? Gosh, that was a daily watch of mine. Who could forget those infamous staples, Mr. ‘Woohoo’ Humphries, Mr. ‘Hands-off’ Lucas, Captain ‘Prim & Proper’ Peacock, Ms. ‘I’m Ready To Bust Out’ Brahms, and Ms. ‘Ever Young’ Slocombe. Of course there were several other great characters like Mr. ‘Dumbo’ Rumbold and Mr. ‘Out-To-Lunch’ Grainger. I could use that kind of laugh right now. I use to get those deep down uncontrollable belly laughs that lead to tears. LOL.

However I do like the silly antics of comedians such as Robin Williams and the early days of Steve Martin. Has that much time really gone by? OK, no wisecracks from the peanut gallery, you young’ins. Guess it’s your turn to provide today’s answer…spell it out guys!

(((HUGS!!! )))

A couple of evenings ago, I was perusing a few blogs to see if I could get caught up on the latest happenings. One of the blogs happened to belong to my friend, Rob. Amidst one particular post, he had given a shout out to a San Francisco bud, Noelbear. Considering I thoroughly trust Rob’s choice of friends, I had to scope out the site and the You Tube referral.

Guys, if you like the bear type, two words…hubba, hubba. Or is that WOOF, WOOF! What an incredible smile. And well, when I went to check out the You Tube presentation, who was in it? None other than Noelbear himself. He was mimicking along to that infamous song, Popular, from the Broadway musical, WICKED. I laughed. So if you have a moment, click here to view it. Having to get my two-cents in, I blurted off an email to Noelbear complimenting him for his silly antics. At the time, he provided a much needed laugh. A day later, back comes an email from him with a ‘thank you,’ and a ‘hey, did you catch my sequel.’ I couldn’t resist. So back I went to You Tube, to this location and Noelbear didn’t let me down. It was another stellar command-performance. Better…even sillier than the first. This time it’s I Am Changing from DREAMGIRLS. Boys, there are more costume changes than you can imagine. LMAO!

So I have to wonder…are we ever to old to be silly? NEVER!!! I like a guy with a sense of humor and who has the capability to act on it. I just wish my own ability to pull it off was better. Anyhow, if you have time, visit Noelbear’s website too. Bears, bear-lovers, bear want-a-be’s, it’s a requirement. ūüėČ

Before signing off, I have to ask my usual Friday question, “What’s on your agenda for the weekend?” You all have a good and safe one.

Nicknames are a funny thing. I did a post sometime around early summer of last year (2006) which I’ll leave for you to search out if you have an interest. In any event, some names are bestowed upon us due to characteristic traits; in remembrance of something we were involved in that made us unique; because someone, generally a child, could not pronounce our name when we were younger; or some other viable reason. Sometimes those nicknames have been with us for a lifetime and in other cases, they are new found names. Some of us have multiple nicknames, some of us have merely one, and then some of us have none at all. I have five. Some of us love our given nicknames while others despise them, passing along an evil look when that fateful word (or words) are uttered. Heck, I suspect there are a few poor souls that have been ‘pounced’ on for muttering a nickname one-to-many times.

So why the sudden interest in writing about nicknames? I have had a few people, via email and or commentary on my blog postings, ask why I have my most current nickname, STROKER. Well, I actually think it was payback from a friend, a fellow blogger, for initializing my email correspondence to him with Smiley (What can I say when someone has a great smile, a great set of teeth, and happens to be a dentist.). Yes, it’s the obvious. Dear old Josh from Smiley’s Place christened me with that name publicly on one of my blog posts and from there it has stuck. Seems like a number of my close blogger buds, many now friends, have run with it. I’ve never asked Josh exactly why he chose to bless me with that nickname but I am sure part of it was a play of the name of my blog…a shortened version of Brushstrokes. And I am that Mr. Smiley had other ‘naughty’ things running through his mind when he memorialized it in my blog. (*insert devilish grin coming from me here*) Guys, guess you’ll have to remain in a state of wonderment as to any truthfulness to the later. HEHEHE!

Happy to say, I’m enjoying that little teaser of a nickname.

Hmmm! I have a great question for today’s “How Do You Like It?” Tuesday.

If you have a nickname, what is it, how do you like it, and how did you end up with the name?

I realize some of you may have nicknames as bloggers and maybe those are valid names…at least tell us how you landed them. For those of you absent any nicknames, perhaps you have a short funny story to share regarding this specific topic.

I’ll be waiting to hear those responses!

I want to post tonight but am finding it hard at the moment. Why? Well, after plugging away at my PROJECT today on CAD (that’s Computer-Aided Design program for you none-techies), my brother-in-law invited me out to dinner with my sister and the kids. His father, sister, and niece are out visiting. I just couldn’t say no when he said it was ‘his treat.’ And I really couldn’t say no when he mentioned that dinner was at Morten’s Steak House. I have been dying to go there since I was last in Chicago and we couldn’t get reservations at the restaurant. We happen to have one here in Southern California.

Boy, did I eat well. Fantastic house onion bread, a Morten’s Salad (let’s just say it has all the fixin’s on it), crab cakes for my entree (nice chunks of crab-yummy), creamed spinach, hash brown pancakes, sauteed mushrooms, excellent cabernet, and a killer dessert…raspberry souffle. I relished every minute of the event and every bite. Mmm…mmm…good!

Would you see why it might be a bit harder to blog, to develop a topic? Could it be this fullness I am feeling in my belly and the sudden laziness that has overcome me?! Anyway, I thought I would throw you a bone to gnaw on. This arachnid critter that I call ‘friend’ had a post two days ago that blew me away based on the number of responses it generated for such a silly topic. Then again, I think we all need a bit of silliness in our lives. So here is the bone…WHEN YOU SHOWER OR BATHE, DO YOU PREFER TO USE BAR SOAP OR LIQUID SOAP (AKA – BATH WASH)?

images.jpg VERSES images-1.jpg

Kelly’s comment on the Arachnid’s blog got me thinking about this one. As for me…I use both. The body wash is probably used the most frequently as it doesn’t leave soap residue in the shower/tub – one less mess for me to have to clean. I generally use bar soap when merely cleansing my face or pulling off a ‘GI’ bath. Oh…but I do love bar soap when showering with someone else. That bar and extra lather feels good in those ‘oh-so-sensitive’ places. You know!


dsc00215.JPG Hmmm!…it seems that those two dude cats, Chesapeake and Richmond, over at Spider’s cottage were talking smack about this ‘bro’ here. And I don’t do smack too well. Seems that they were tearing me to shreds ‘cuz they think that I am some neat freak. Gettin’ all cutsie about how I put everything in baggies in my suitcase, have all my undies color coded, and my clothes folded.

Well Chesapeake and Richmond…snap out of it you two queens! This boi here while neat has a wild side. We’re talking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Better yet, Oscar and Felix. See maybe that human-arachnoid owner, Spider, who caters to your every whim, hasn’t told you about this, this, and this. And if you don’t believe it still, here are some ‘before and after‘ photos of my bedroom (bottom of post) as of yesterday. It sat like that for six months with the clothes pile shifting up and down. See Oscar got the best of me – he told me life was too short, to worry about it only when it really becomes necessary. But yesterday, Felix hammered Oscar and took control once again. For how long? Who knows. Felix ironed 25 shirts for 2.5 hours, reorganized closet drawers, threw out unnecessary items, put luggage and some school items into storage. He was a very busy, busy bee!

So dearest Chesapeake and Richmond…control that ‘cattiness‘ of yours and don’t make hasty assumptions. Some people do find a balance between neatness and sloppiness! And this ‘cat‘ does just that. If I hear any more gossip over the net that you two are talkin’ smack about me again, I’ll just have to take back my Christmas gift. M – E – E – E – O – O – W!!


BEFORESuitcase added only upon return from Orlando.


BEFORE Desk chaos.


AFTERAbsolutely spotless / the cleanest it has been.


AFTERDesk organized and projects hanging.


AFTERClose up of desk.


AFTERI had at least 15 rolled plans from former projects stacked here. All packed away in cardboard cylinders now!

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