I remain amazed at how time is flying by these days. Already a week has gone by since I returned from my East Coast jaunt. Miss you guys back there. And here we are at yet another Tuesday…time for HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?

I know I normally ask my question in the ‘how do you like it’ format but today I am going to ask it slightly different. The question for today is:

What type of movie do you like to see…a sci-fi, the shocking thriller, the infamous ‘chick flick’ aka the romance movie, a drama, a comedy, or a skin-flick [now you can envision that one any way you like ;)]?

Is it all that easy to narrow it to one? I don’t know. I would gladly place a comedy at the top of my list but it seems that truly good comedies are far and few in between. I really do enjoy sci-fi movies. The graphics blended with real life elements seem to capture my attention. Plus it’s fun to let the mind get caught up in something so unique and far from reality. Like Spiderman 3 this weekend. I went with the roommate, his girlfriend, my sister, the brother-in-law, and my little niece and nephew. I enjoyed it. Yes, perhaps it was a little longer than necessary with a few dramatic over-the-top moments, but science fiction is suppose to be fun. There is an interesting twist in the movie that I actually liked…most definitely unexpected.

So tell me, what movie type do you enjoy and why?

And by the way…I’m throwing you a special P.S. request here. Stop by our joint blog (click here) and leave a comment for Spider under my ‘KNOCK ‘EM DEAD STUD’ post. Spider hasn’t been feeling the best lately and he has a job interview today. He sure could use all the well-wishes and some prayers. Luck just hasn’t been on his side lately, and yesterday was no different. His darn vehicle crapped out on him again. Just what he needs. More bills.


Found myself wrapped up in a movie last night that I haven’t seen in at least 10 years but one that I have clearly watched at least a dozen times on television, literally. I can’t ever get enough of it. I can’t ever get bored with it. To me it is timeless and classic. It is funny and whimsical. For some 90 minutes or so the movie transports you into that state of mind, “What if?”

I could see no one other than the person chosen to play the movie’s lead as its lead. It’s a icon of what one hopes success can be, of how someone might dream of moving up the corporate ladder. Ok, I know. You’re saying, “Enough of the tease. Tell us what movie you are describing.”

THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS, of course, with Michael J. Fox as the star.

The entire movie is pure magic from the actors, to the dreamy plot, to the chain of music playing throughout the movie. I can not remember a movie where you could have good clean fun throughout the show. And I just love …SUCCESS’s ending. I guess I’d like to think that a little of Brantley Foster’s (aka Carlton Whitfield) dream and drive exists in me, especially with this next career move in interior design. I can hope, can’t I?

Here’s some food for thought: How do you view or gauge success?