Well I’m back from Kauai as of yesterday at 8:45pm. I can’t believe it’s over. I had 10 days of utter relaxation, staring at the ocean, basking in the sun, and the occasional Margarita! Hey, does anybody out there have a Time Machine that can send me back 10 days. I’d be eternally grateful. LOL. Well, I’ll be gathering up the best of the pictures and posting them sometime in the near future, hopefully before I head off to Toronto. In the meantime, here’s something I wrote one of those days while staring out at the ocean and chillin’ to my iPod tunes. Not one of my better productions but hey! Enjoy.



Sunset harkens
Horizon aglow
Tranquility envelops
Spirit releases.


Ocean blue
Limits endless
Waves caressing
Shores embracing


Breezes intoxicate
Scents permeate
Birds drift
Palms submit.


Flora captivates
Colors abound
Creatures play
Inhibitions alleviated.


Sunrise returns
Serenity found
Today renews
Life progresses.

                                                                                        Author: Tony

                                                                                        August 21, 2007





The day begins…
First thoughts being the sweetest.
Those that set the tone for the day.


And mine are often of you.
That silly smirk.
Those eyes of contentment.


It amazes me too often,
Perhaps overwhelms me.
How one person can make you feel.


Safe and secure.
Loved and cared for.
Sexy and confident.


One wonders why.
Why so long for paths to have crossed?
But nonetheless welcomed.


These feelings simply linger.
Linger throughout the day.
Keeping that smile alive on my face.


It hurts when you aren’t around.
Feeling lost at times.
Derailed and wondering how to ground myself.


How is it ?
One person always giving of oneself.
But never thinking of one’s own well-being


So many thoughts in one day.
All good.
Even if they are a mixed-bag.


The day ends much as it began.
The mind thinking of you.
Til tomorrow comes with even sweeter thoughts.

Author: Tony
C. 3/2007



Wow! It’s Valentine’s Day. A time of romance, a time of tender memories past, a time of commitment, a time of expressed love for the person or people most important to us. It’s a day I have never truly experienced in the manner I have envisioned. But perhaps that will change.

I do want to take this opportunity to let all my blogger buds and dearest friends know how important you are to me. It’s been a while since I wrote a poem. I think this was last poem I wrote. Perhaps what I am about to post is a bit corny but it’s my own way of telling each of you that I care about you and wish you a moment’s happiness on this amorous day.


A friend is a friend.
Never less, never more.
Silly, serious…
Yet never a bore.


A friend is an oasis.
An abundance of smiles.
Always devoted and loyal.
Ready to go the extra mile.


A friend can be incredibly stubborn,
So unwilling to compromise.
But, like a kindred being,
Can be so incredibly wise.


A friend sees beyond the hidden self,
Well into the depths of our soul.
Conspiring neither to hate nor judge,
But to love and console.


A friend can gnaw away at our very being.
Thoroughly break us down.
But just as easily as the blink of an eye,
Send our spirit soaring, lift away the frown.


A friend presents a worldly view
Unrestricted by thought.
Unbound from moral righteousness.
Far from being ‘bought.’


A friend offers a certain perspective
On the ‘who’ we can’t see,
About what we do.
On the person we can be.


Alas…even as death comes to cheat us,
It never really tears a friendship apart.
For a true friend remains everlasting,
Locked away forever in our heart.


Author: Tony