Guys…before I begin my three minute rant, or maybe that’s whine, I want to thank each one of you for ‘popping in’ from time to time. You really give me a moment’s sanity when I truly need it. And I feel bad for not being able to reciprocate through comments in your blogs. I have been lucky to get a few comments out here and there sporadically but it will remain as is for the next three to four weeks until school is DONE [why do I have a bit of a step uner my feet when I think or say that? ;-)]. Bare with me.

oldhorse_sm.jpgOK. I’m plumb tuckered out. I’m at a loss for any real substance in a post. The brain is fried. I have been working on my Project since 11:30am yesterday (Thursday) and it’s now 12:20am Friday. Obviously I have decided to call it a night or else I wouldn’t be typing this post. While I worked my tail off today, I personally don’t perceive it as a very productive day. I will refrain from going into detail. so I am done with my ranting/whining.

I need to get to bed but I sure could use one of two things from you all…tell me what’s up for your weekend or better yet, indulge me with some comedic short blurb of your choosing. I could use a good laugh about right now. Cheers to everyone and have a safe but fun weekend. ((HUGS!))


…just bruised emotionally. Or is that mentally? Hell, maybe both. Thanks to those of you (Spider, Pete, Derek, Josh, Spo, and Rodger) who inquired if things were all right at my end. As much as I have been running from inquiries, I do appreciate the thoughts. I just have been in a bit of a funk since Monday night, exhausted, pissed off, stressed…a ‘ball’ of many feelings. Perhaps it all adds up to a mild depression.

So if your asking yourself, “What happened Monday that sent him into his spiral?,” I’ll try to give you the very brief version as I am tired of thinking about it. A good number of you probably have read my posts pertaining to my Senior Studio II project that I ‘supposedly’ needed to enter into CAD (over vacation) by the time a started my actual class. You also know that I dropped this particular class last quarter due the large workload so that I could focus on finding work in the right internship program. Thank goodness for that one positive! When I attended the first class of Senior Studio II last quarter, I was advised that my design focus was being changed – I was to focus on the restaurant and an alternate residential space in my 50K sq/ft building. Then I dropped as I had to spaceplan this area and also complete the CAD entry of my plans which I had not completed by the start of class. Well I spent a portion of my winter break, between working my internship, developing the spaceplans for these new areas, and then getting those plans and the previous incomplete entry keyed into my CAD program. I worked several nights into the wee hours, including ’til 2:30 am Monday morning trying to get all the plans entered. I didn’t entirely complete entering one of three floors. I went to class with what I had.

Now the short finale…at the end of the class, I found out that the instructors were switching me back to my original residential space along with its accompanying work studio space below (fine – I had already had done that). They also switched me back to my museum/exhibition hall space (fine again – though I am feeling a bit pissed at the change). But the ‘bomb,’ the instructors have ‘pulled’ my restaurant and now substituted in my club/lounge space (now I am livid).

I can’t believe all the hours I spent developing the new spaces, the stress of getting my updated plans into CAD when I am not the fastest at entry, and the lack of consideration for my personal time. I won’t go on with all the subtle details but I am pretty sure the instructors dropped my restaurant because they felt I had a whole quarter to develop and refine my spaces – an edge over the new students coming into Senior Studio II. NOT…hell I was too busy with my internship and my double-session Art History class last quarter to even think about my project. Ok enough…I am getting worked up thinking about it and I am sure you are all tired of reading about my woes.

I am moving forward but rest assured I am going to approach one of the two primary instructors to voice my dismay and request a more detailed explanation on why they dropped my restaurant. Oh, did I mention that the one instructor who I spoke to after class Monday night advised me to “Suck it up, Tony!” …all when I merely went to inquire why she had changed my spaces contrary to what she had told me the previous quarter. Do you think this remark is “professional” for a college instructor? I sure as hell don’t. As a manager for some 12 years, had I done that to one of my employees, I would have been reprimanded and or put on notice.

Bottom line…after working Tuesday and Wednesday to fulfill my internship requirements, I now have four days to accomplish something that I view as unlikely achievable (trust me, it is a shit load of work). And mind you, two of those days are my weekend! I just can’t see doing this for twelve weeks. I’M BEYOND FRIED!!!!