I know that all of us, at times, have wondered what we could do different in our blogs…to push us in a direction of something we have yet to explore or for that matter avoided discussing for whatever reason. I was feeling that way last night. Oddly enough, an idea hit me almost immediately. Hmmm…I wonder why? Spider can you help me here.

I have always tended to limit my commentary on the topic I am about to enter, only because I have held it to be a bit personal, not out of any embarrassment. So here goes nothing. I hope you will participate. Welcome to the first edition of STROKER’S SEXTALK, perhaps a spotted post topic.

Ready? Let’s roll with it! I’ll give you the questions, offer my personal feelings or observations, and then it’s all out there for your feedback…frank and honest feedback I hope.

  • You’re making love with someone you really care for. You want everything to be special. Where on your body would your special person find your one major erogenous zone?

I think it’s obvious that we all have different areas on our body that push our buttons, that send us into that ‘outer limits’ experience. Me, being the ‘greenest‘ of gays (LOL), use to think that it was my ‘lollipop,’ just lick it and that was enough to get me charged up. But not the case any longer. You want to get me in high voltage…you need to work the region between my crown jewels and the ‘black hole.’ It takes just the right pressure and handling technique closer to the jewels. Hit it and well, I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

  • You’ve just found someone that you find conversationally adept. You find something attractive about this person that says I’d like to share an experience with this person at another level. The other consents. Your at your special place, in the mood, kissing and worked each others clothes off. You are seeing this person for the first time ‘exposed.’ What physical part of this someone is going to really get your juices flowing? And guys, limit it to one part.

blake_nolan_11.jpgFirst and foremost, I want to start off with one important statement here. Guys, if you are going to play, use a condom. Discuss it up front…no Russian Roulette. As for my response…since we are limiting this to a physical element, I clearly say the rump region. And I like them a variety of ways – round, full, muscular, hairy, perhaps some smoothness snuck in there. Now give me someone with a perfect blend of these characteristics and I would be utter bliss. Come to think of it, two people are perfect examples – Jack Radcliffe and Blake Nolan.

(The picture: Blake Nolan care of the Google Groups “REDHOTRODS” group. DELICIOUS!!!!)

Let’s do one more here, as I am sure this will be enough for you to think about for a a spell. Plus I’d like to save some discussion for other Stroker’s Sextalk posts.

  • It’s no hidden secret that sex is not just about the SEX act. Down boys! What do you want, what do you expect in bed outside of the SEX to really make you feel absorbed with your significant other, to feel loved?

I don’t think we ever begin to truly love someone until we are at a state beyond “primal” carnage! We need to feel a connection through intimacy and tenderness, through intellectual and physical stimulation (meaning conversation and soft touch), and in some cases, through a faith or spiritual coexistence. But I have digressed a bit from the question at hand only to make a point. I know personally I want cuddle time and to kiss my man tenderly, passionately. I want to enjoy sitting in bed with my guy, facing him, my legs straddled over his, his upper body pulled tightly into mine so that I can caress his back, his side, his shoulders, and well, ocassionally slither the hand down to the nether region for some tender exploration. Of course, during all this soft touch, my mouth hasn’t left his, or at least the general area. *wink*

Well to steal Lemuel’s line…’that’s a wrap!’ I hope you’ll ponder the information and then share your thoughts openly on each of the topics. I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday to post. Gotta get started on my Reflected Ceiling Plan for CAD input. I stalled again yesterday…mostly another ‘ME’ day…probably not good. Y’all have a great weekend. Hugs!