Well, I said in yesterday’s post that I’d have something to chuckle about in this post. It’s my third installment of five on my trip to Toronto two weeks ago. It’s amazing what happens when you put a group of ‘bears’ together in a city that really works at being gay friendly. All inhibitions seem to cease. As a collective group, my fellow Toronto entourage had a blast enjoying what the city had to offer. So without much further fanfare, let’s get to the pictures. I hope Sean, Jeff (Sean’s partner), Pete (formerly of the retired blog, Just Thinking), James (Pete’s beau), etal., don’t hang me for sharing some of these ‘precious’ moments. Enjoy!


It’s a wonderful day in the gayborhood, a wonderful day in the gayborhood. Could you be mine, would you be mine…. Oh brother, why do I have Mr. Roger’s on the brain. LOL.


“But please. I want a baby bear! P-U-R-T-E-E please with cotton candy on top!”  (Jeff)


Whoever said a bear couldn’t be Mary Tyler Moore!! It’s the big city after all. (James)


I do love ‘dem mounties! Woof!


Living Art mimics Art (#1). “But dearest, your baby is so precious!” (Sean and Jeff)


Colonel Klink!! We had a ton of laughs in a army surplus store. I wish I had taken more pictures there. Doesn’t Petey look so cute.


Living Art mimics Art (#2). Little muscles turn into big muscles in oh so many ways. *eg*


Petey just being weird. I love him dearly…one of my best buds.


Hmmm! Can someone tell me what would be so enticing in the SPOTTED Dick?!


My buds, Derek and Spider, need some cheering up so I thought this post might bring a smile to their face.  It’s light-hearted, I hope.

Part of the enjoyment I got out of my trip to Toronto was gallivanting around the city, popping into all ‘SORTS’ of stores that had a variety of ‘GOODS’ to sell. Dear old Sean had us on a foot hunt looking for a particular action comic magazine series. I initially thought “what the f***” but ended up thoroughly enjoying myself. Seeing all the action figures done up, in addition to the magazines and other wares, brought back many childhood memories.

So can you guess all these action figure heroes which were part of a mural on this comic book storefront?






Thought I’d share my Toronto photos in five segments over the next five to eight days. I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much. I also need to start figuring out how I can store some of the large groupings of pictures elsewhere so I can just link to them. Any suggestions as to a good, “free” storage source that is user friendly for set up?


Masonic Hall on Yonge Street, circa 1888.


I just loved the building layers and textures in this scene.


Something important, aye!


I believe the tour guide said there was a revolving dance floor inside…woohoo! All we need is a disco ball.


Old contrasted sharply against the new!


I just have this thing about doors.


Boy, is this an example of post-modern art. Do you think they are running major headaches?


Nothing like an all-glass building to reflect back a bit of the gorgeous cityscape!


Definite OLD vs. NEW. This is what gave Toronto its character in my opinion.


The tour guide said that from the air, these structures make what looks like a human eye. I just found it to be interesting architecture.

…SIGH! Time to step back into reality I guess though I don’t think I ever lost sight of it. Perhaps IGNORED is a better descriptive. The traveling in successive months, or weeks for that matter, is over for a spell. Work has me coming in for the rest of this week…AT LAST!!! I could use the money. Heck I need to recoup some of the traveling expenses, LOL. I also need to make some resume adjustments and start researching some links people have forwarded me. And there’s more but I think my last few posts have alluded to the other decisions that will weigh on my mind.

Did you all have a great Labor Day weekend? I sure as hell did. Toronto was beautiful, fun, clean, cosmopolitan. I now know I need to get my ‘pur-tee’ tail up to Vancouver, Canada sometime as I have heard even better raves about that city. But the best part of the weekend was the company. I was greeted by Al Friday night at the airport. I met up with my sweetheart of a bud, Pete, and his boyfriend, James. They are such a handsome couple and both happy. I finally got to meet my ‘cotton candy’ bud, Sean (Albany), and his partner Jeff, along with three of their friends, Roger and Dan (partnered – Albany), and William from Mississippi. We all clicked as a group. Lots of laughs! And the weekend was capped off with meeting up with Jason, and his partner, Matt…two incredible guys who also look very happy together. Boy how did I land a weekend with a peck of handsome hunks! Woof!

I have much more to share with you on Toronto in terms of commentary and pictures but for now, you’ll have to settle for these teasers!


James (L), me, and Pete (R)…THE FOUR BEARS


The Motley Crew at the SPOTTED DICK…sounds nasty, doesn’t it?. LOL. Left to right: James, Pete, Roger, Dan, Sean, William, and Jeff.


Matt (L), Jason, and Moi! Hmmm! How much had we been drinking?


TO THE WHOLE WOOFY GANG…Thanks for an unforgettable weekend. You’re the best.

toronto-canada.jpgOK! It’s my last fling of the summer. And what an unbelievable 5 months since graduating the first week of April. I have been truly blessed in that respect. I’m glad I got to meet several new people along the way. So if you didn’t already pick up on it, I am heading up to Toronto to spend time sightseeing and meeting up with friends, their partners/boyfriends, and other bloggers. There’s one special bud I’ll be seeing…I’ll leave it at that.  I’ll also be seeing the likes of Jeff and Al.  I even discovered that Jason is heading up to Toronto too so we are hoping to all gather up Saturday or Sunday.  And I hear that Friday night is Bear Night in Toronto…my heart be still.  LOL.  Should be an incredible Labor Day weekend.

So to the rest of you, enjoy your last opportunity for a summer fling this weekend.  Be safe please! For those of you that haven’t seen my Kauai pictures, just scroll on down to the previous post from yesterday. HUGS!

I think today’s news is perfect for a “…Miscellaneous Tidbits” post. I’ve been a bit tied up over the last two to three weeks, resulting in infrequent posts, and it looks like more of the same for the next couple of weeks as well. I any event, here are the ‘comings and goings.’

The MOM Front: The worst for mom seems to be over, thank God. She had her procedure last Thursday. The gastro-intestinal surgeon did find stones in her bile duct, remnants from mom’s wonderful gallbladder removed only two weeks earlier. Mom said she felt like a new woman after the procedure. She does have some minimal left-sided pain but it appears that is tied in with the pneumonia and the last of that needs to run its course. Mom happens to be up and about, on her own as of this past Tuesday. As she said though, it probably will be at least another 4-6 weeks until she feels as if she is running on all four cylinders again. I’m just glad she made it through all this fiasco of oh-so-marvelous medical treatment.

Chemo SUCKS!: Spider and Bigg are pushing along with their respective chemo treatments. It just sucks though. Chemo takes so much out of you…it physically drains you between tiredness, nausea, etc. Keep your support flowing to these guys. The encouragement helps. The company helps. As always you two, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

San Diego Rocks: I headed on down to San Diego this past Friday through Sunday. This was only my third time there…the second in the past three years. It really is a quaint metropolitan city. There is some old architecture which the city has fought diligently to preserve mixed in with some really interesting new structures. The Gas Lamp District was something to behold in the evenings. It is like a huge block party on Friday and Saturday nights. It is dominated by bars, clubs, and restaurants, most all of them packed to the hilts. Of course Coronado Island is always phenomenal. Oh, and did I mention we slipped in La Jolla too. Thought I’d share a few pictures here. Enjoy!













Ain’t No Hurricane Stoppin’ This Gang From Gettin’ To Kauai: Hawaii is just one day off. Tomorrow, bright and early…like 4:30am, we’ll be getting our asses in high gear to get out to Los Angeles International Airport for our flight over to Kauai. And it appears that the hurricane that was running off the Big Island of Hawaii has flown right by. Should be good weather for the most part. I can’t wait. I see margaritas, ocean, pool, and kayaking on the horizon. WOOHOO! I am gone from 8/17 to 8/27 but I am hoping to have Internet access at the timeshare I will be staying at with my brother-in-law C, sister T, niece L and nephew N.

Cruisin’ Potentially Into Yet One Last Summer Trip After Hawaii: Well just when you were thinking, “Damn, is Tony about done traveling. Where else could he possibly go?”, it possibly isn’t over. I am contemplating a trip out to Toronto over the Labor Day weekend to meet up with my bud Pete, his new hunk, James, along with Sean and his hubby, Jeff, and a few others. And to really make the trip worthwhile, should I go, I will be seeing another blogger I read regularly, Al of Synaptic Blue. With some luck, he’ll pull a dear soul, Steve, out of hibernation, who he was once partnered up with over at former great read. Have to make my decision by this evening’s end Then the majority of summer will be over and it will be time for me to hunker down on some design career decisions. Will I stay in commercial corporate or make a move over to residential corporate? Will I hang tight for another three months to let my two friends finish school and then roll into a joint business (odds and ends work to fill the time)? Do I make a move to a city known for more contemporary work, like New York City or Chicago?

My head is already spinning putting this all to words. I think I simply want to enjoy the last of my summer outings for now.



Fooled ya! With the pictures above, I bet you thought this was the same post from just before I left for Chitown the first go around. NOT!

Heading on out to Chicago. Waiting on my sister to pick me up and drive me out to the airport. I’m ready to go and looking forward to seeing those sites I didn’t get to see last time I visited. I have mainly Frank Lloyd Wright architecture to see and some of Navy Pier. Then anything else is gravy.

Later…you all have a great weekend.

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