It’s easy to feel miserable during the holiday season and view it as a waste of time. Stores are crowded. People are pushy and demanding. Funds seem to be in short supply. Work sometimes offers year end pressures. And there is never enough time to take in all the season’s events. These are only a handful of possibilities for some to view the holidays as ‘Bah-Humbug!’

But if you have the remotest bit of comfort, family members, loved ones, and/or friends to share the holidays with and to offer emotional support, and a small cash reserve, then you have so much to be thankful for during this time of year. So many people battle mental illness during this time of year. Many walk the streets homeless, cold and hungry. There are those that literally live from paycheck to paycheck wondering when what little comfort they do have will fade away with the flip of a switch. And there are individuals who live each individual day of the holiday season wondering if they will make it to the next day, their bodies ravaged with life-draining diseases.

STOP! Pause for a moment. Is your life really that bad this holiday season? It’s easy to ‘bitch and moan’ about petty things. But I firmly believe that if you can find one shining moment in your daily life and are blessed with basic life essentials, you need to give yourself a solid smack upside the head if you’re playing the ‘woe-is-me’ violin! Trust me, it doesn’t take much to find a smidgen of positivism. If you can’t see it in your life, then ask a friend to help point it out. Then direct all that negative energy toward yet one more positive element. Help someone by offering some warmth, a kind word, financial assistance, emotional support, a simple smile and hello!

And now I have this to direct you to…

I have never made light of or hid the fact that I do not enjoy extensive reading. But every known and then I find a blog that reels me in with such intensity, grips the very soul of my being, tears at the emotions locked deep within, that I have to continue reading it. In this particular case, I know some of my readers may be familiar with the blog as I see your comments in it. For those of you who haven’t, stop by and say hi to this individual. And you can tell him I sent you. Whose blog am I singing the praises – it’s Bigg’s My Confessions.

While you are at his blogsite, send him some love please. Bigg has had a rough year personally. He’s trying to live his life by being true to himself. He works his tale off to support his kids while living through a marriage separation. I know that I’d be sitting in a hospital if I pushed myself like Bigg does. BIGG – you are an incredible guy (and a hell’uva writer). I wish I could somehow lighten your load. Thinking of you this holiday season. Hugs!

“That’s a wrap!” as Lemeul says.



1) No silly! Today’s word is not

So what do I have up my sleeve? Today’s Wednesday
Word Play is truly playing with words or rather word phrases. It probably will even test your memory. Give me a line from your favorite Christmas carol and by all means, if the title is not evident in some manner within the line, let us know the carol. And if you have a story behind the choice, by all means, please share it.Guess I’ll kick things off. I have to admit I found myself laughing last night with Spider as I was trying to get ideas for my post. I got on a roll with some lines and lets just say I was getting a bit warped. Example:

Deck the halls with balls (oh I mean boughs) of holly….

My choice of a line from a carol is “Do you see what I see?…” WOOHOO!! (Ok Tony, don’t go there. Hehehe!) That line is from DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? I just remember dear ol’ Bing singing it with that deep voice of his…it really stirred the emotions for me at Christmas.And you?

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Said the night wind to the little lamb,
do you see what I see
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
do you see what I see
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
A song, a song, high above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,
do you know what I know
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Said the king to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say
Pray for peace, people everywhere!
listen to what I say
The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light
He will bring us goodness and light

It amazes me sometimes how fast time really flies. The year always seems to start of slow but as the summer comes and goes, the year goes into warp speed! And so does each week. We are already upon another Tuesday so time to ask that infamous question you are all too familiar with – How Do You Like It?

Still rolling with the holiday theme, I’d like to ask, “How do you like to spend your Christmas Day?”

For well over 30 years now, our family has always celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve. As many of us as possible attend Christmas Mass, followed by a huge feast of sorts, and then the opening of gifts. So on Christmas day I like to sleep in a little later while dreaming of sugar plum fairies. I get up, shower, and usually head over to the house where the Christmas activity is to be. It used to be my mom’s but as of the last four years, it has been at my little sister’s place here in southern California.

The day is usually very low key with us all just hanging around conversing about things of the past, current events, and often trips that we’ll take in the coming year. I kind of absorb all the activity by lying on the floor, listening, while soaking up the roaring fire that is usually going. Somehow this always puts me in a meditative-like trance. And then we cap the day off with a nice family dinner, usually some beef course like prime rib or fillet mignon, the trimmings, and holiday cookies and fudge for dessert. Oh, and I can’t forget the premium red wine that my brother-in-law always seems to whip out on these type of occasion. Let’s just say it’s not uncommon for it to be a triple-digit (cost) French wine. Pure heaven, silky smooth!

So that’s how my Christmas day usually goes. Looking forward to hearing from you all how you like to spend yours.

“Afterall, how could I ignore someone that could lay such a flattering comment on me. … If I could digress briefly, I have to share with you the first thought that popped into my head when I saw D****’s picture: ‘What a big giant warm, fuzzy teddy-bear.’ … D**** is very much the sensitive, open-and kind-hearted, introspective, genuine person that so much of his writing portrays. These are just a few of the traits that I love about him. The other thing that always draws a warm smile from me is D****’s ability to be so openly blunt and real in such a southern innocent way. I love it!

We have often exchanged stories over the phone about family. He always speaks fondly of his immediate, as well as extended family. I am no different. I think some of that comes from his upbringing – family values, morals, faith….”

This was an excerpt from my November 2, 2006 post entitled A Southern Boy Friendship. It pertained to my blogger bud and someone I am proud to call a close friend. And that incredible friend is Derek, over at Past, Present, and Future. What more can I say about a man that carries a huge ‘plus‘ mark in my Book of Life! If only we had a few more of him cloned, the world might be a much brighter place. Not to mention that I will have died and gone to heaven that many more times because the world is populated by yet another bearish southern-accented man! Heart be still. LMAO.

So what’s my point for all this hype over Derek. I have an important message for him……


As I have said in the past big fella’, I am so lucky to be able to call you a ‘dear friend.’ Huggerz!!!


So with the hoopla all spelled out, let’s get on to today’s post. It’s What Would You Do? Monday. I’d like to play off the above post and ask you the following question: If you had a dear friend who was turning FORTY years old and knew he/she was a little sensitive about this seemingly threshold age, what would you do – throw a surprise party, keep the celebration low key and private, or ignore any celebration of sorts? Elaborate please.

A ‘toughie’ for me. I so love to encourage people to enjoy the person they are and that includes their age. Part of me would want to through a big party, assuming I could handle it financially. But I do understand that some people are overly-conscious of their age. I think that I would likely probe my friend indirectly to determine if he/she would really have a meltdown if I made the bold move to throw a party. If I senses some positive feedback, I probably would make the lunge and go forth with the party. Otherwise I’d honor my friend’s desires to utter privacy.


I love Fridays…at least at the moment. My work week ended yesterday. But given the hectic run earlier this week, it concluded on a very good note. I had gotten my internship review from my employer earlier this week which pleased me.

Today while the other two designers were out at lunch, my employer hit me with a statement that caught me off-guard. She started by asking me what I was going to be doing once school was done. She went on to inquire how I was feeling about commercial work. I was honest and told her that while Residential Design was still an interest, I was actually enjoying Commercial Design more. My employer went on to say that everyone at the firm thought I was doing well and that I was a welcomed edition.

So where am I going with all this babbling. In a round-about way, my employer was telling me I had a job after my internship if I wanted it. I told her I had been actually thinking about picking up a part-time job once the internship ended in January to obtain much needed income. However I emphasized to my employer that my last class was important and was taking priority with respect to my time. She encouraged me to think about it for a spell but to let her know sometime in the near future as they were getting ready to post on MONSTER.COM. There you have it. I felt quite honored to know that I am appreciated already and there is a bit of ease knowing I have something to fall back on if needed.

Guess we are at that point where I ask, “What’s up for your weekend?”


  • Friday: Shopping for birthday cards and X-mas presents; hitting the bank; getting my workout in for the day; then heading off for my “golden massage” and dinner with two dear friends.
  • Saturday: Begin to work on my spaceplanning of the two area changes given to me in my Senior Project II class before I dropped; workout; fill the rest of the day with whatever is needed; and maybe make a few personal phone calls to this person, or this person, or this person, or this person.
  • Sunday: Do some Christmas cards, I hope, and wrap some gifts; chill time or possibly some more Senior Project spaceplanning.

Boring, aye!!! Sometimes things just go that way.

So let me know what’s on your ‘table?’ I always enjoy hearing. As before, Happy Holidays!!

As I said yesterday, the week up to that point (A.M.) had been hectic. Yesterday was no different. I can’t seem to find a moment to myself to get back into my blog commenting rhythm. And guys I feel bad about that so please bare with me. I am sure there are some out there thinking I may have forgotten about them…I haven’t. Heck a part of me is even getting a little frustrated because I don’t have time to write some more personal, thought-out posts like I used to inject into my blog. But what can I do short of losing a piece of my sanity?! So today, I’ll share some weekly tidbits with you.

Art Appreciation 20 Comes To An End
This past Tuesday night was the end of my Art History class. I turned in my paper and did my 15 minute presentation on
Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Controversy. Let’s just say I aced it! I am actually going to miss the class. I was just getting acquainted with some of the 18 and 19 year olds in the class. I was even getting use to their wise-cracks about, “Oh know, Tony’s up (to do his presentation). It’s all downhill here for the rest of use!” Hey, this ‘DADDY BEAR’ just had to show them what he’s made of. I had the professor, at the end of the class, tell me that she enjoyed having me and appreciated my presence in the class. What can you say to that other than ‘Thanks!’ Anyhow, I am expecting an “A” in the class.

1 Down…1 And 1/2 To Do!!!
With Art History completed, I officially have my Associates in Fine Arts – Design. Now all I have left is a little under 120 of 240 hours left interning and my Senior Thesis Project part II class and school is done with for good. Finito! Caputz!! I’ll have my Bachelors Degree. It won’t come quick enough.

Little Sis’ Rollcoaster Ride
Last week I shared with you that my sister had miscarried. I appreciate all the thoughts that everyone left. Admittedly I held back on some additional news that came two days later. Little Sis’ doctor had her take some additional blood tests to confirm that the baby was dead. Well the results came back and much to my sister and brother-in-laws’ shock, they were informed that the doctor may have screwed up on the calculation of the baby’s due date, meaning they had here in too early for an ultrasound to effectively determine if the baby had a heartbeat, etc. See they can’t determine that any sooner than 9 weeks. So up went their hopes again. From here, let me give you the condensed version. Sister goes in Saturday for more testing. Sister gets the new results this past Monday…not good! Her hormone level had not double in 48 hours as is required so baby is now officially declared dead. Sister goes in for a DNC surgical procedure yesterday, late afternoon. Brother-in-law out of town for this – I step in to get her home from the hospital. I still am not sure if she has told my little niece and nephew yet about the loss. I have such faith in doctors these days..yeh right!

1 Day And Counting Until Body Bliss!
Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be lying down enjoying a much needed JOE’s erotic massage. I am feeling blissful just thinking about it. But really, I am looking forward to meeting two incredible friends, having dinner, and getting caught up. They’re absolute sweethearts.

I don’t know what it is but my testosterone is raging. Can someone please tell me why?!?! 馃槈


Main Entry: me路so路mor路phic
Pronunciation: “me-z&-‘mor-fik, “mE-, -s&-
Function: adjective
Etymology: mesoderm + -morphic; from the predominance in such types of structures developed from the mesoderm
1 : of or relating to the component in W. H. Sheldon’s classification of body types that measures especially the degree of muscularity and bone development
2 : having a husky muscular body build
– me路so路mor路phy /’me-z&-“mor-fE, -s&-/ noun

My Bud, Joe.

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday! I have been working my little ‘arse’ off this week between a school final paper and presentation, work, and getting myself back into weightlifting and a diet routine. It’s amazing how a month of infrequent exercise and some excess ‘sweets’ can literally send your hard work pummeling backwards. I am so sore in my shoulder, pec, and lower back regions. But fear not, JOE is here! Joe happens to be a good friend of mine. I may have mentioned him very early on when I first started my blog. Anyway, only two more days and I’ll be seeing him and his partner for dinner. And oh! Did I happen to tell you that he is a masseuse – a very good masseuse. I have a sneaky suspicion that my muscles will feel real good after my pre-dinner massage. Oh baby – Calgon (*insert ‘JOE’ here) take me away!! LMAO.

Enough! Time to move on with Wednesday WORD PLAY! Today’s word choice is mesomorphic.

Usage: Perhaps Joe does not accurately represent the ‘husky‘ in the definition of mesomorphic but damn, he sure has the ‘muscular body build’ hammered! And just think, he’s all mine for two hours of pure bliss. If I can’t have Jack Radcliffe, at least I have Joe.

So…again, the “play” portion…any comment you leave must use the word mesomorphic in it. Your response can be about anything ~ the post, me (watch it!), something about you, something happening in your life. Knock yourself out thinking of something serious, humorous, or off-beat to comment about. As always, just have fun with it!

P.S. Sorry guys for not getting around to your blogs in the last day or two. The presentation had me tied up and then I volunteered Monday and last night to help my two dear friends from design school with their Historical Preservation boards. I’ll be around soon.

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