‘What Would You Do?’

Guys…before I begin my three minute rant, or maybe that’s whine, I want to thank each one of you for ‘popping in’ from time to time. You really give me a moment’s sanity when I truly need it. And I feel bad for not being able to reciprocate through comments in your blogs. I have been lucky to get a few comments out here and there sporadically but it will remain as is for the next three to four weeks until school is DONE [why do I have a bit of a step uner my feet when I think or say that? ;-)]. Bare with me.

oldhorse_sm.jpgOK. I’m plumb tuckered out. I’m at a loss for any real substance in a post. The brain is fried. I have been working on my Project since 11:30am yesterday (Thursday) and it’s now 12:20am Friday. Obviously I have decided to call it a night or else I wouldn’t be typing this post. While I worked my tail off today, I personally don’t perceive it as a very productive day. I will refrain from going into detail. so I am done with my ranting/whining.

I need to get to bed but I sure could use one of two things from you all…tell me what’s up for your weekend or better yet, indulge me with some comedic short blurb of your choosing. I could use a good laugh about right now. Cheers to everyone and have a safe but fun weekend. ((HUGS!))


So it’s Monday morning…12:45 am to be exact. I gave up on my CAD project for the day about a half an hour ago, leaving all my work over at my sister’s place. I am down right mentally exhausted after 4 days straight, 12 hours each day keying in my project. And after all that effort I am not going to be turning in the required items for grading. Mind you, I’ll turn in something but I have no idea if it will even draw me any points, let alone ensure I move onto the next phase (that’s pass to the next level for you guys trying to read behind the lines). Someone special told me yesterday that I had accomplished something, even though it might not be what the instructors wanted. To that someone special, you are right. I am proud of what I do see on the computer thus far and what additional CAD skills I have picked up working this project…even if I am finding it hard to convince myself. Thank you ‘Someone‘ for encouraging me!!

Thanks again Mike, Derek, Spider, Pete, and Josh…yes I said Josh, Mr. Smiley who has alluded me for two months (but he finally called me!!!!). I appreciated the phone conversations. They were much needed respites from focusing so intensely on my project. Hugs a thousand times over.  And if I could give you MORE, I would!

So with my continued saga on this damn project, Monday’s “What Would You Do?” question is….

What would you do if you were in my position, knowing that you were going into your Monday night class with only about one third to one half of the required work to be graded? How would you handle it?

My brain’s tired of thinking of all the angles…and it’s a let down for me. Maybe you have something I can grasp.

P.S. I am hoping to do some blog reading Monday night after class and Tuesday after work. Of course any call coming in from Smiley will receive top billing (for this week), second only to Spider. LOL.