‘What’s’ Up Fridays

I still am finding myself wondering what to write about these days. I have been wanting to show off the two bathrooms I did for my sister and brother-in-law but I’m still waiting to arrange for a professional photographer. Maybe I might just slip in a few of my own to give you all the general impression. In any event, last night it hit me ‘square between the eyes’ that I haven’t done a What’s Up? Friday in several weeks. Quite honestly, the last one I did was June 1st of this year.

So what are you doing this weekend as we slip slowly into the heart of the summer months?

masseur_1.gifI don’t have a thing planned. I suspect I will get my workouts in this weekend. I do have one call to expect from my dear friend and blogger bud, Rob. Of course, my usual chats with Spider will be mixed in too. I’ll probably enjoy some more sun by my sister’s pool…you can never take in enough lounging. LOL! I know that I also need to get a jump start on some packing for a trip that I start next Friday. Then I’ll just look forward to the massage that I have set up with my bud, Joe, this Monday afternoon. All the tension just melting away (or not…*evil grin*) with the touch of those ‘golden hands.’

OK…your turn to answer that question above. Have a safe Friday the thirteenth and great weekend. I hope none of you are superstitious?!


Thank goodness the week is over! Normally I get all excited to go to work on Thursdays…you know my commercial design job. But yesterday I was so out of it. The alarm went off…I kept thinking, “I don’t want to work today. Do I have to go in?” The feeling continued right over to work. I literally felt like I was having an outer body experience. For the life of me, I am not sure exactly why but I have my suspicions.

In any event, I have a favor to ask of you again. Please keep Spider in your thoughts. He’s tired…physically and mentally. And I know there is some boredom thrown in there too. The company that has a potential consulting gig for him is moving slowly with a response on hiring him for sure. If you get a chance you can email him at our email address for our co-authored blog, I’m Here, He’s There.

I want to also pass along my well-wishes to Matt over at Jack Hampster and Tom at The Untraveled Travel Guy as they each begin their respective journey as part of the SF – LA AIDS Lifecycle Ride this coming weekend. Matt is riding in the race and Tom is offering his massage services to sooth those riders with tired muscles at the end of the day.

Guess, it’s time to cut to the chase and get started with my question:

What are you all up to for the weekend?

Me…I have one graduation party, possibly two, and an actual graduation ceremony to attend.   I also need to slip in a haircut and to wash my car, something I didn’t get to last weekend.  I think that Sunday will truly be a ‘day of rest,’ one lounging by the pool and basking in the sun, assuming its around to enjoy.  So what do you have to share?

Well, it’s that time of the week…F-R-I-D-A-Y!  And even better is that it is a Friday leading into a three-day holiday weekend.  Woohoo!

This past week has been a rather interesting one for me to say the least.  A bit hectic at times, yet slow at other times.  I spent one day playing “Mr. Mom” or what others were calling, “Mr. Uncle Tony.”  My youngest sister and her husband had to head out of town for an adoption meeting and training session of sorts.  So big brother came to the rescue.  Gosh I so don’t miss getting up at 6am to get ready for school or for that matter, work, at least at the moment.  I must say, thanks to my sister, I had little problem getting them up for school.  In fact she has them well trained.  Here’s how the a.m. went.  Heard my sister and brother-in-law leave at 5:36 pm for the airport.  I thought, ‘good I have 45 more minutes to slumber.’  At 6:17am I heard the kid’s bathroom toilet upstairs flush.  I was downstairs in the guestroom.  I new my sister had set the kids’ alarms for 6:15am.  In any event, I suspected the activity was my 7-year old nephew.  About two minutes later, I heard the toilet flush again.  OK, that must be my 5-year old niece.  At that point, I told myself get up because they kids will be down shortly for breakfast.  Plus I need to be sure they are in fact up.  So I roust myself out of bed, proceed to make the guestroom bed.  As I literally finished placing the last decorator pillow on the bed, mind you this wasn’t more than 10 minutes after I heard the last toilet flush, the niece and nephew were opening the door to my room and telling me they were dressed and ready for breakfast.  They were in fact ready.  My niece had even brushed her hair an placed the ‘dilly bob’ in her hair.

Out we went to the kitchen where I pulled the breakfast together with what my sister had placed out the night before.  I sat them down, put the breakfast in front of them, and proceed to go upstairs to make their beds.  As I was walking up the stairs, I heard my nieces say, “Uncle Tony, where are you going?”  I said, “To make your beds and straighten up.” “Uncle Tony?” “Yes N (the nephew).”  “We already made our beds.”  “OK!”  Well I had to check.  Oh my GOSH!!!  The rooms were immaculate and the beds made completely.


My word, “S-W-E-E-T!”  In any event, I had pick-up detail for the niece at noon and then had to go back at 3pm to pick up the nephew.  From there, I had to shoot straight over to the facility where my niece takes Jazz lessons.  What a riot watching 4, 5, and 6-year old girls trying to stay focused on dancing.  I about pee’d in my pants.  They were rehearsing to the Jackson Five’s ABC .  There were the enthused.  There were the daydreamers.  And those two rows of girls for the dance moves…what an absolute mess.  But isn’t that what creates the entertainment at these youngins’ recitals anyway?!  LOL.

In other news, the two bathrooms currently under remodel at my sister’s house are really moving along but not without glitches.  Lets just say the contractor has had to get the tiler out to tear out some of the expensive glass tile in order to recenter the plumbing since they did not center the tile design right.  Oh there have been a few other nominal things but just enough to drive my sister batty.  I think she understands now why people pay interior designers to do the work and why they really should get paid decently.

These are just a few tidbits from my week goneby.  As usual I am wondering what’s up for your weekend  I plan on chillin’, getting some sun if we see it this weekend, swimming possibly ( I wish butt-naked but unfortunately I can’t do that around the youngins.), and washing the car.  After that, it’s a free-for-all. I might get Pirates of the Carribean 3 slipped in there also.

By the way, if any of my readers read Derek over at Still Thinking, his computer has crashed and you may not see him posting for a spell.  He and the partner need to whip up the funds to get a new one.  Told him I was bummed.  He also got his MRI results from the doctor and nothing appears herniated.   However, Derek does have a number of torn and buldging discs at four to five levels of the mid to low back.  Guess it will involve nerve blocs and shots.  Yikes!!  And then there is my Spidie.  He’s had a rough week of treatment.  Lots of sleeping, you guys.  Those red blood cells are definitely low.  And on top of it he gets a double-dose of radiation today to finish out his radiation treatments.  He’ll now have 6 to 8 weeks of no treatment so his body can replenish both its white and red cell count. Then the colon cancer surgery will be scheduled (about middish July).  Please keep both Derek and Spider in your thoughts.

Guess that’s it.  Let me know what your holiday weekend plans are.  And be SAFE!

Well…another week has gone by.  Yesterday at my commercial design job, the team had me work on developing the design concept for a client’s upscale ladies swimwear corporate office.  It happens to be located in our corporate business park.  So I was running around measuring spaces, loading the information into CAD to get a floor plan (lordy, you know how much I love CAD…remember, there is intended sarcasm there), refining color selections, and ordering materials, all for a possible client meeting next Thursday.  I was running a tad nervous but experiencing a high at the same time.  I also got a call from my sister’s contractor, regarding the two bathrooms currently under remodel (remember shes is doing 3 total).  He had a question on tile layout in the upstairs bathroom.  I relayed my intentions on the design, but I hung up with this sinking feeling that some components of it were not going to be performed properly.

After work last night, I drove by my sister’s house to check on the work.  Low and behold, the work was not performed as I had envisioned and tried to explain it over the phone.  I think the sis may be stuck as this particular bathroom was contracted a bit on the ‘looser’ side, as in no specified plans showing the contractor and tiler how to to lay things out precisely.  Partly the sis’ fault for not waiting for me to get back from my travels before hiring the contractor.  Don’t get me wrong, the contractor is a very pleasant and honest gentleman…he just needs a bit more guidance at times. So now I am probably left with the decision to pass on photoing the final results for my portfolio given the imperfections (trust me, a good designer wouuld see them).  *Sigh*

In any event, it looks like I will be doing a bit of CAD design work on my sister’s masterbath this weekend so we can draw up a preliminary contract.  I’ll also be taking in my 7 year-old nephew’s basesball game.  After that, I am not sure…probably a few phone calls to friends, like Pete and Derek, along with my daily chat with Spidie!  I’ll also probably be making a call to a nice guy in Chicago who has exchanged a couple of emails with me.  Our paths crossed through BigMuscleBear.com.  Seems we have work in common…he’s in a portion of the design field.  It’s great to be able to converse with someone knowledgeable in the field.

So that is how my weekend is shaping up.  What’s up for your weekend?  And you know, if it isn’t shaping up to be your ideal weekend, what would you like to be doing?

Yesterday I had my first real design opportunity since beginning work at the commercial design firm I am at presently. One of the new neighbors in our corporate business park had stopped by our space to introduce himself, loved what he saw, and asked my boss if our firm would take on his space remodel. It’s a start-up company for high-end women’s bathing suits. The location happens to be the it’s showroom for interested retailers and houses the organization’s corporate offices.

The owner had apparently stopped in earlier this week. My boss met with him this morning. When she came back, she stated we had the job. Then the boss walked up to me and said are you interested in coming up with the design concept, materials, and space planning for the project. My heart began to race. The fear element sort of stepped in as well but I told her I was most interested. So I walked down to the space to examine it, and then spent an initial 2 1/2 hours, flagging magazine pictures for design ideas, selecting a color palette, and just getting into pulling some hard surface materials (flooring, glass tiles). I’ll know next week if the boss liked any of my choices.

Oh…and today one of the designers talked to me about working two days instead of one. I’ll take what I can get for now while I get myself situated on my sister’s master bath and bedroom remodel. That project has me excited, and nervous, as well. Once I have settled in to the later, I’ll worry about promoting myself at other design firms to see about picking up full-time work. I’m not in too much of a rush even though financially I do need the funds. See, June promises to be quite a busy month on my social calendar with some travel on the weekends up to LA for the ending of the SF-LA AIDS LifeCycle, to SF for Pride, to Long Beach for a graduation celebration, and possibly to Chicago to meet yet a new friend. If the later is a no-go, I may get back out to see my sweetie, Spider, since June is the month he’ll be off chemo and radiation.

Talk about travels, I wish that this weekend I could be traveling up to see my mom for Mother’s Day. My little sister told me last night that mom has sounded rather down the past two days in her phone conversations. I’ll have to get that call out to her, pass along the wishes, and hopefully brighten her day.

So with this being Friday, what do you all have in store for this weekend? Any of you planning on being good sons (and daughters)?

Well, I think I said and ‘revealed enough in yesterday’s post that I’ll keep this one short and sweet today, literally. So to the point…tell me ‘What’s Up’ for your weekend?


  • catch up work like washing my car (3 months worth of dirt and grime-what can I say, school did me in)
  • organizing and filing two years worth of bills and receipts (we won’t go there)
  • possibly sorting through design materials and school references to determine what to keep and what to discard
  • some preliminary design work for my sister’s master bath and bedroom
  • and hopefully some sunning by the pool.

OK, your turn to spill the beans.

HOWDY! Hard to believe it’s Friday evening with yet another weekend strolling in and well, for me, the beginnings of a wrap-up of my East Coast travels. I have been laying low with Pete since Pete threw out his back late Sunday and is still recooperating, albeit much better as of this date. My bud had planned on surprising me with a two-day trip to Boston. We would have left straight from the airport this past Wednesday. It wasn’t meant to be. Hell, there will be other visits out to the East Coast where Pete and I will have that opportunity again. I am sure of it.

lakegeorge.jpgSo what have I been doing? Pete has shown me a bit of upstate New York to the east and to the north. We got out to farm country Thursday. We also went though his old hometown. I saw where he spent his childhood, where his mom lives, where he went to school, etc. Kinda neat to experience a bit of how someone else lived during his childhood, all on the opposite coast. Today, Friday, we headed up north to Lake George. What an absolute prestine lake and some of the houses (estates) along the lakeside were charming. In talking with Pete, it sounds like the housing prices for lake front property in Lake George are much the same as to California’s equivalent, Lake Tahoe. It’s frustrating at times to think that the average person really no longer has the opportunity to buy a piece of dream property.

As for the rest of the weekend, I am unsure what Pete might have in store. Personally, I am not to0 picky.  I just want to take in as much as I can of this beautiful state of New York.

Now that you have some idea of what I have been up to, I’d love to know what you have in store for you weekend.  Any fun, any work, any kinky play…did I say kinky…well bless these virgin ears of mine.  I’m not sure I meant that.  LMAO!  Have a great and safe weekend.

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