Did I get you attention with that ‘catch’ title? Good. I was in such a ‘silly, playful’ mood all day yesterday. Hmmm! Wonder why? Well, as of this morning, I am not so sure that I have it all out of my system yet. Thought I’d through this ‘bone’ your way and see what I could get back from you entertainment-wise.

Here’s the set up. With what question I am going to throw your way, you need to come back with the first person that crosses your mind, male or female. That means no heavy thought as to the person. Nadda! Zippo! Then you must tell us why you chose what you chose.

The scenario and the questions:

You are give a split-second wish to be whoever you would like to be for a week. Who would that be? And why did you chose to assume this person’s body, mind, and persona?

As I was thinking about what to write tonight and this post crossed my mind, the questions languishing in my head, I thought of one person instantly. Yes…this is the honest to goodness truth. I think it may have had to do with the silly, playful mood I referred at the start of this blogpost. The person…none other than HIM, Jack Radcliffe. I just want to be in that body being checked out, eyeballed, groped…OK I’ll stop. But I can’t. I have to slip this in, I just want to be holding that beautiful uncut ‘thang in my hand, knowing it’s all mine to manhandle any time I want. *eg* Just think of all that delicious ‘cotton candy’ splashed all over his body. A pure sugar ‘rush.’ Dang New Yorker…you started it all! Corrupting poor innocent bears. LOL!!

So, who would you be and why? REMEMBER…don’t think about it…go with the first person. It will make for more interesting reading if you have to explain why you chose “MaryJane,” if you know what I mean.